She finally made it here…….

So, I finally decided to start a blog, yay! I know right, about time!
I’d had loads of friends; especially on Facebook advise me to start one up since forever, “You’ll do pretty well”, “You write so well”, “Just start a blog”, I’d heard these words time and time again. So, here I am, finally taking a cue (hoping it’s not too late)…… *sigh*
I’ll be blogging mostly about food, share recipes and meal inspirations. I’ll probably add a few other areas of interest from time to time. I should apologise in advance though, I haven’t got step-by-step photos of meal preparations for some of my old recipes. I didn’t think I was gonna start a blog so I didn’t take photos but I definitely will for future recipes. I’ll also try to update old recipes as soon as I’m able to replicate the dishes and stick photos in where necessary. Thanks for understanding.

I really haven’t gotten the hang of blogging yet, still finding my way around, hopefully I’ll be able to get professional help as soon as my day job allows me the time to. I just had to roll this out quickly cos my inspiring Instagram followers had been waiting for quite some time but…..we’ll get there in the end, right?
So, that’s the end of my introduction post. See you on my next post…hopefully.

45 thoughts on “She finally made it here…….

  1. Sisi I got to know of your blog from the group “So you think you can cook ” on fb. You food blog is very interesting and you write very well. I love way you find time to explain your recipes and preparation not leaving out the nice photos. God bless you my dear, can’t wait to get more interesting recipes btw I loved the shrimp curry. Kudos again, welldone. Yucee

  2. Congrats babe. I’m on the watch out for recipes to be trying. I sha hope I don’t explode. Lol.

    Big ups darling. More grease to ur skillet 🙂

  3. Way to go girl. You’ve beaten me to it. I’m still here trying to make up my mind. LOL. Welldone girl & more grease to your elbow

    • LOL! I feel you dear, it’s really not easy o, especially on WordPress and also if you’re setting it up by yourself but it does get easier with time. Hope to have you on board soon….

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