Coconut Fried Rice Recipe….

I can’t believe I’d lived almost all my life without tasting Coconut fried rice until earlier this year. I love fried rice but for some weird reason, I’d always had a mental image of rice and coconut milk not being a good combo so I stayed away. Wrong much? Anyway, I tried it out for the first time in February and I was sold! I’ve since tried other coconut milk incorporated food recipes such as Coconut Jollof Rice and Coconut Bulgur Wheat, recipes for those coming up soon.

So, back to Nigerian Coconut fried rice, the recipe is pretty simple, very similar to normal Nigerian fried rice. Most recipes for coconut fried rice call for chicken or beef stock but this recipe will show you how to cook it without and you’ll still get the same delicious taste as with stock.
To achieve this, you’ll need raw chicken fillet. You can use either breast or thigh though I find thigh absolutely more flavourful compared with breast. I’ll be using thigh.

The chicken is marinated for as long as possible, I’ll suggest at least an hour, I always marinate overnight or longer to allow the chicken soak up the flavours from the spices better. The chicken is then fried with the marinade and the veggies, hence the release of the natural flavours of the chicken, this is then incorporated into the veggies which then go into the cooked rice. Cooking it this way creates a juice which replicates chicken stock and ends up tasting extra flavourful.

Nigerian Coconut fried rice is bound to be a hit at any party, adds class as well and sways from the usual Jollof rice and fried rice norm popular at most parties. To spruce it up an a bit and make it stand out, add a generous dusting of desiccated coconut and lightly mix together before serving. This not only enhances the coconut flavour, it also spruces up the presentation. Desiccated coconuts are pretty easy to find, at least I’ve found them in most grocery stores and are pretty cheap. Be sure to go for the finely grated ones so your coconut fried rice doesn’t end up tasting grainy.

Desiccated Coconut

I should mention though, its better to use fresh home-made coconut milk for this recipe, it tastes so much better and creamier. I used a store bought one the last time, though it turned out well, I noticed that the taste this time around is richer and definitely more “coconutey”. I’ll put together a recipe or a short  video on how to make your own coconut milk very soon, it’s really simple and easy.

Home-made coconut Milk

Now, coconut fried rice, let’s get started.

3 cups of rice
2 cups/ 500ml coconut milk
1cup raw diced chicken(preferably thigh fillet)
1/2 cup baby prawns
2 tablespoon Coconut oil and 1 teaspoon olive oil
1 cup chicken stock( if you haven’t got any, water will do)
1 large carrot chopped
1/2 small green and red pepper chopped
1/2 cup green peas
1/2 cup sweet corn
1/2 small chopped yellow onion
1/2 small size red onion (you can use just one type of onion, I like yellow for taste and red cos the colour stands out in fried rice)
1/4 cup desiccated coconut (optional)
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon mixed herbs
1/2 teaspoon each Curry, thyme, salt to taste
2 Knorr chicken cubes or any bullion cubes you prefer.

Firstly, marinate the chicken. To marinate, mix the olive oil, cumin, one knorr cube, black pepper, cayenne pepper and mixed herbs, let it refrigerate for at least an hour.Coconut fried rice
After it’s been marinated, take it out, dice it into bits and set aside.image
Wash the rice thoroughly, leave to drain in a colander.image
Into a heated pot, add the coconut milk stock/water, 1/4 teaspoon curry, thyme, salt, white pepper, one Knorr cube and bring to a boil on medium heat…coconut fried rice

Stir, add the rice, cover the pot and let it boil till soft…coconut fried riceWhile that’s boiling, add the coconut oil into a frying pan on low-medium heatNow, add the onions, sauté for a minute, add the garlic and one knorr cube, sauté till fragrant.coconut fried riceNow, then add the diced chicken and one Knorr cube, fry till the chicken loses its pinkness and turns brown. coconut fried riceAdd the carrot, sauté for another minute, then add the chopped peppers, green peas, sweet corn, prawns and red onions…coconut fried riceStir for 5 minutes, be careful not to over cook your veggies. Switch off the heat when it’s fully done.
Check the rice at this time, when the liquid is all dried up and the rice soft, stir lightly to combine…coconut fried rice Add the fried veggies and chicken. Stir till all are fully combined. Adjust seasoning and salt if necessary. Reduce the heat and steam for a further 2-3 minutes or turn off and let it steam with the residual heat……and your coconut fried rice is ready.coconut fried rice
Add the desiccated coconut if you choose to use this and slightly combine just before serving.coconut fried rice

If you do try this recipe for Coconut Fried Rice, do give me a feedback here or on instagram, It’ll be nice to know how you get on. Don’t forget to “Share” this recipe with your friends and family using the share buttons below. Do subscribe to the blog for notifications of new recipes. See you in my next post, Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Sisi Jemimah. I tried this recipe and it turned out so well. Thank you for inspiring me to do better and be more adventurous. Food can be so much fun.

  2. Nice recipe sisi jemimah.thank u for releasing dis recepe to us.will i cook the chicken after sauteing or i should fry after sauteing? keep up with ur good worj

  3. Omg this recipe is the bomb. Thank u so much, I made this for my friends party n people cldnt stop commenting how good it was.i had to tell them abt ur site. Also I made my own coconut milk and that made all the difference plus it was cheaper. Thank u

    • Sorry for the late response, glad the recipe worked out great for you and thanks for the referrals, it’s appreciated. You’re very welcome…

  4. Hi sisi, thank you so much for al. CCan I substitute veg oil for coconut oil? I don’t maker referrals when recipes asked I copy & paste & end with #mytutor but will start d referral ssoon. My husband understand ow much u’ve been f help Tanx. Bamidele : u did mention -1/2 cup f raw??? Wats dt for

  5. So I made this for a meeting I hosted today and OMG!!! Everybody wanted some to take away. I used smoked chicken instead of the chicken fillets as I forgot to get some and it was so oooo nice. 2 people asked me to share my recipe, I wish I could take all the glory but I directed them to your site. Thank you soooo much for sharing your fantastic recipes xxx

    • Hi, I’m so sorry for the late response. Thanks so much for the feedback and I’m really glad the recipe worked great for you and thanks also for the referrals. Youre very welcome….xxx

    • I’m so sorry for the late response, I didn’t receive a notification. I’m glad you loved the recipe. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback…..xx

  6. Delicious! I did a veggie version (identical minus the creature ;-)) and it was a flavorful as it comes.

    Keep up the great work, Sisi! The whole family is becoming a fan.

  7. This came back for sunday lunch by popular demand. My son simply said ‘please can you make the yellow rice again’. He refuses to call it fried rice, insists it is different. My version was a bit of a remix though. i had fried all the chicken prior so i used some liver (the 1st time i didn’t even use any protein). Then sweet corn is not favourite around here and i’m allergic to shrimps but it still came out amazing both times. Simple and delish…

    • LOL! @ Yellow rice. I’m glad it turned out well, I owe the lil man a pot of Yellow rice, definitely. Thanks for your lovely feedback….

  8. Sis Jem, I tried it out over the weekend and the taste was awesome . ..I’ve never eaten coconut rice as good as this. ..I took some to work and my colleagues had a bite, they were won over. ..I’m cooking it for them this weekend. Thank you so much for the recipe

    • Adeola, I’m so so sorry for the late response. Don’t know how I missed your feedback. Yay!!! I’m glad you loved the recipe. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback….

  9. I made this for a group in the Church some Weeks ago, they were like asking for more. I have also used the coconut milk to make jollof rice with veggies. It was also excellent. Nice job my fellow cook!

  10. Hello Jemimah, do you make your own coconut oil? Thanks for the recipe, I will be trying it Soon. Please a video tutorial on home made coconut milk will be helpful. Thanks.

    • Yayy!!! Glad your kids loved it, I’ll be putting up kids recipes very soon, do check back from time to time, thanks for the lovely feedback…

  11. You are an excellent teacher. Can’t believe how easy you made it look. You should definitely try teaching at schools.

  12. You are a good teacher I tried it for dinner I couldn’t believe I actually made dat, turned out 100% nice! Thanks

  13. Sisi Jemima,this is exactly how to show a recipe,even a 10yrs old girl should be able to do this with this beautiful illustration.thumbs up and welldone .God bless the works of ur hands bt I need more recipes on some other foods that can spice up a party n thrill the guests apart from the regular red n yellow rice . lol

  14. Is the coconut oil the regular oil used for body cream and hair cream…lolllll. I have never made coconut rice rice but making it this weekend.

    • LOL! It’s the same coconut oil. You’ll need to use a potent one though, most of them are mixed with chemicals which takes a lot away from the aroma. You can use vegetable oil too though….

  15. thanks sisi for d gud job..pls i really dnt kw how to make coconut milk. kindly help dis poor girl,thanks in advance

  16. Wow like seriously it looks more appealing to be a chef creativity is something we display that sisi I saw in there nice work and trust me I did give it a try with little additional as usual lolz

  17. Hey yo! I made sumthin similar for dinner, without the chicken or shrimps tho. I boiled my rice with coconut water , then added some coconut milk at the end…. Yours looks really appealing, mine is just veggies and rice

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