Nigerian Fried Rice…Double Fried!

Nigerian Fried Rice! Hmmm!

The second most popular rice dish in Nigeria; A must have at parties and a major meal in most homes. It’s tagged “Nigerian Fried Rice” obviously cos there are various recipes out there but the popular African recipe is the Nigerian Fried Rice.
Now, there are several methods of cooking Nigerian Fried Rice. Some recipes call for parboiling of the rice and then adding stock and veggies, then cooking till doneness. Others require cooking the rice, adding cooking oil and stock and then fried veggies then cook till desired doneness. These methods are classic and tested, however, I’ve always had my own method which is what I’ll be using.

For this Nigerian Fried Rice recipe, you’ll need a large frying pan or wok, perhaps a 32cm one if you’ve got one. This is because the rice will be fried for quite a while and for time management reasons, it’s better to start off with a large wok.

Also, you need a lot of chicken or beef stock to get a very flavourful Nigerian Fried Rice. Your stock needs to be well seasoned cos the outcome of the Fried rice is dependent hugely on the tastiness of the stock. However, if you haven’t got beef or chicken stock, you can check out my Coconut Fried Rice recipe for marinating raw chicken, frying the chicken, then incorporating the juice into your rice to replicate chicken stock, click HERE or the recipe.

When preparing Fried Rice, do try as much as possible to use fresh veggies, even if it’s just the carrots. Fresh and sweet carrots do add a lot of sweetness, also, if you’re thinking of using sweet corn, do ensure it’s actually sweet. Some sweet corn are quite bland and add no flavour to foods. Feel free to mix and match your veggies to suit your taste buds or dietary preferences.

We will be frying the veggies with butter instead of cooking oil. Butter enhances the flavour of Fried Rice and also gives it a very lush look. The process is much longer than the normal fried rice process but trust me, the end will justify the means. You want fried rice? With this recipe, you get “FRIED” RICE!

Let’s get started…..

Nigerian fried rice prep
Chopped veggies, diced chicken and liver, baby prawns and chopped garlic.


3 cups easy cook rice
2 cups of chicken/beef stock
21/2 tablespoons butter
3/4 medium size red onion chopped
1/4 red pepper,green bell pepper and scotch bonnet chopped
1/2 cup green peas
2 carrots chopped
1 cup frozen prawns
1 cup diced chicken
1 cup diced liver/kidney
3 garlic cloves minced
1/2 tablespoon curry powder
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 knorr chicken cube
1/2 teaspoon preferred spice, I use Aromat
Salt to taste
Get your ingredients ready.
Wash your rice thoroughly till the water runs clear. You need to get as much starch out as you can to avoid sogginess. When it’s properly washed, pour into a pot, add the chicken stock, water to cover, curry, thyme, preferred spice, white pepper and allow to cook on medium heat till it’s cooked three quarters of the way.image Check constantly cos your cooking with stock and it contains a fair amount of oil so it’s got a tendency to burn.
While that’s cooking, get a large wok or frying pan, place on medium heat. Add the butter and leave to melt.image
When it’s melted, add in the chopped opinions, sauté for a minute or till translucent, add the garlic, sauté till fragrantimage
Then add the diced chicken…..Nigerian fried riceThen the liver/kidney, fry for 3 minutes…Fried Rice
Now add one Knorr cube….Nigerian fried rice Add the carrots and peppers, fry for 3 minutes
Add the sweet corn and peas, continue to fry for another 2 minutes…Nigerian fried rice
Add the Shrimp lastly…Nigerian fried rice

Combine and fry for a further 2 minutes.Nigerian fried rice When it’s all fried, divide the fried veggies into 2 or 3 portions; depending on the size of your wok/frying pan. Leave a portion in the work. Set the other remaining portions aside. We will be frying the rice with the veggies in batches.

Now, check on your rice. If it’s done three quarters of the way, that’s when it’s tender but just a little bit form still, switch off the heat.image
Now add half or a third of the rice (depending again on the size of your wok) into the portion of veggies still in the wok.Nigerian fried rice
Combine thoroughly and begin to fry. Fry for at least 8 minutes. Fry till the rice becomes soft and dries up a little bit.Nigerian fried rice
You may experience a bit of burning, but fret not, it’s part of the process.
When it’s fried to your satisfaction, transfer the contents into a bowl
Add another portion of veggies and rice into the wok and fry. Nigerian fried riceRepeat the process until all the rice and veggies are fried.Nigerian fried rice
When it’s all done, combine all portions together, taste for salt/seasoning, adjust if necessary, then fry again for another minute or two. And your Nigerian fried rice is ready.
nigerian fried rice

And its done!nigerian fried rice

Hope you’ll give this Nigerian fried rice recipe a try and if you do, please give me a feedback, be nice to know how you get on. You’ll also love my Coconut Fried Rice recipe yet, click HERE for the recipe. Do feel free to use the “Share” buttons below. Enjoy!

52 thoughts on “Nigerian Fried Rice…Double Fried!

  1. Dear Sisi Jemimah, thank you so much for your wonderful recipes. You are becoming a Christmas staple in my home. I used your jollof rice recipe last Xmas and it was brilliant, this Xmas is going to be the fried rice having tried it successfully before, I am grateful.

    Mary x

    • Yay! Awesome feedback! Glad it worked out great for you and thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback..

  2. Assuming am cooking fried rice for a party,please how can I use this method? Thanks. You are doing a great work well done…

  3. Used this recipe over the weekend and honestly it was so nice! My mum and dad could not stop eating it…thank you so much for the detailed step by step.I also made the gizzard dodo as a side and that too came out delicious…thanks again ill be trying your asaro yam porridge next…you have really given me confidence in the kitchen…God bless xx

    • Hi, sorry for the late response, thanks so much for this lovely feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to leave one. I’m glad my recipes work great for you, God bless you more…X

  4. Tried this recipe and it was yummy! Made a few substitutions e.g. Sunflower oil instead of butter but it still came out amazing!??. I just might make this my regular fried rice recipe from now on.
    Hmmm….let’s see….which recipe should I try next?

    • Hi, sorry for the late response. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback. I’m glad the recipe worked great for you despite the substitutions. Loads of recipes to choose from and I’m sure I’ll be reading more positive feedbacks from you, thanks once again…X

  5. This is delicious. Am trying this next weekend. Thanks. Can i have ur contact to ask questions about catering. Thanks.

  6. I stumbled on dis page…and sure am not regretting…..This is gonna b moi favourite stopover dis days…I luv the kitchen…Am a good cook aswell…buh sure am learning more..have learnt lots frm ur writeups….Moi hubby appreciates Good quality meals….so we re bounded in er…..Thanks Jeremiah for d freelance tips… Appreciate!

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback Sheriphat, glad to be of service. Do feel free to drop your own cooking tips too from time to time, be nice to learn from you as well. Happy new year to you and yours….X

  7. I love the fact that you use very very little oil (the butter is the only oil)…improves flavor without having to add more fat. I have one question though…how does one prevent the veggies (esp carrots) from overpowering the taste?

  8. You’re God sent. I followed your recipe and it was too tasty. And I must say that now I can confidently cook fried rice anytime. Thank you.

  9. I’ve got 2 questions how do you know when the rice is 3/4 done and also when you fry the veg with the rice do you add more butter.

  10. I mostly use cooking oil to prepare fried rice but I would try your menu guide to experience something different. Can’t wait for Sunday to prepare fried rice.

    • Hi Okechukwu, nice to see you on here and thanks for stopping. You can use oil as well though butter gives it a richer consistency, can’t wait for your feedback when you do try it out, thanks once again….

    • Oh, not at all. Remember you’re practically dry frying as you’re not using too much oil, also you’re using butter which isn’t as light. As you can tell from the photos, they veggies remained firm throughout. That’s also why fresh veggies are advised….

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