Adalu (Beans And Corn Pottage)

Beans and Corn Pottage also known as Adalu is a popular Nigerian dish. It’s a delicious fusion of stewed Beans and Sweetcorn. The popular method of preparing Adalu is simply adding Palm oil into cooked Beans and Corn but I prefer frying blended pepper in Palm oil, then adding to boiled Beans to complete the cooking process, though either way, it still turns out yummy. I just happen to love stew based Beans and Corn pottage.

So, Adalu, let’s cook!


2 Cups Honey Beans/Black Eyed Beans

2 Cooking Spoons Palm Oil

1-2 Cups sweet corn/fresh corn

2 Red Bell Pepper(Tatashe)

1 Tomato

1 Scotch Bonnet (Rodo)

1 Big Onion sliced

Handful Dried Crayfish

1 knorr Chicken Cube or any preferred Bullion Cube

3 Cloves Of Garlic Minced

Salt to taste



Blend the bell peppers, tomato and scotch bonnet to a smooth paste and set aside. Pick and wash your beans, get your corn ready and set aside.

Adalu Beans And Corn Pottage

Set a pot on a hob on high heat, pour in your washed beans. Add enough water to cover the beans and cook till half way done, this should take around 45 minutes. Do remember to check every now and then, also add more water when necessary.adalu beans and corn pottage
Tip: To avoid cooking for too long, soak your beans overnight, this helps to soften it prior to the cooking process and also helps to reduce flatulence…?
While the beans is cooking, set a small pot on a hob on medium heat. Add the palm oil, when it’s hot, add half of the chopped onions. Saut√© till translucent…adalu beans and plantain pottage
Now add the blended pepper, knorr cube and salt to taste…adalu beans and corn pottage

Fry till oil floats to the top, when it does, switch the heat off and set aside.Adalu beans and corn pottage
Check on the beans, when it’s half done, add the remaining sliced onions, add the garlic and salt to taste, be careful not to add too much salt as the stew to be incorporated also contains salt. Adalu (beans and corn pottage)Continue to cook till tender.Adalu (beans and corn pottage)
When it’s tender (you can mash half of the beans if you want at this time) add the fried stew, then stir and combine….Adalu (beans and corn pottage)
Now add the corn, combine, leave to cook for 3 minutes…adalu (beans and corn pottage)
Now add the crayfish…adalu (beans and corn pottage)Combine, leave to cook for a further 2 minutes…Adalu (beans and corn pottage)
And your Adalu is ready.Adalu (Beans and corn pottage)
Serve immediately.Adalu (beans and corn pottage)
Adalu is best enjoyed on its own, served with fried plantain or mixed with Garri.Adalu (beans and corn pottage)


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9 thoughts on “Adalu (Beans And Corn Pottage)

  1. Hi SJ, you are a life -and kitchen – saver. You have given me something to look forward to doing in the kitchen! I’m trying this recipe tonight. You’ll have my feedback soon.
    Thaaank you!?

  2. Hi Esther, If you’re using canned sweetcorn, it’s already tender so you don’t need to cook it prior, just add and cook as stated but if it’s raw corn, you need to cook it till it’s tender and add and continue with the stated cooking instructions….

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