Stewed Seafood Okra Recipe

Stewed Seafood Okra recipe is basically a Nigerian Okra soup dish. It is a fusion of Okra, Seafood and spicy pepper sauce. I was feeling under the weather all through last week and for some reason, I was craving Seafood, think my body had had enough of Shaki and Ponmo, my usual favourites…:D

I hardly cook Okra as I’ve noticed that since moving to the UK, Okra makes me itch, this never happened in Nigeria! Just a mouthful and my body, scalp especially would itch. The itching is never too bad though, it’s usually tolerable. Anyway, Saturday morning, I was up by 7 am, ready to go out in search of seafood. I couldn’t get a lot as I hoped so settled for Crab claws, Tiger Prawns, King prawns, Calamari and Squid, shrimps. I already had a couple of frozen Tilapia so, I got to work on Sunday morning. This Seafood Okra was so good, a friend came over after church, had a taste and insisted I made him some to take home, well, I gave in.

This recipe for Stewed Seafood Okra is quite long and windy, but this is only because I’ll be showing the entire process, which includes the boiling of the seafood, so, bear with me. One thing is certain though, you’ll love, love, love this recipe, scout’s honour.?



30-40 pieces of Okra

1 big piece Fish of your choice( I’m using Tilapia)

6-8 Crab Claws or 4 Medium Crabs

3 Cups Mixed Seafood

1 Cooking Spoon Palm Oil

2-3 Cups Meat/Seafood Stock (Seafood stock ideally but we can break the rule on this occasion) <D

1 Red Bell Pepper ( Tatashe)

3 Scotch Bonnet (Atarodo)

1 Big Onion

2-3 pieces Stockfish

3 Heaped Tablespoons Ground Crayfish

2 Tablespoon Locust Beans (Iru)

1 Maggi Crayfish or other Bouillon Cube of your choice

Soup Seasoning of your choice ( I’m using Aromat seasoning)

1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder

Salt to taste


Firstly, properly scrub and clean the crab claws if you’re using any as the shells harbour all sorts of dirt. I scrubbed mine with a little kitchen brush. also, remember to devien your prawns and clean them up. Then, marinate all the seafood and fish. To marinate the crab claws, crack the shells in one of two places, this is so the marinade can penetrate into the meat…
Then mix some seasoning with salt and garlic powder, rub the seafood with this and chuck in the fridge overnight. Do the same with the fish but mix with a little bit of olive oil as well, and toss in the fridge overnight… This is quite necessary if you’re cooking Tilapia, Tilapia is quite a bland and almost naturally tasteless.

seafood okraWhen you’re ready to cook, blend the Tatashe, 2 Rodo and 1/2 of the Onion till smooth and set aside.

Wash the Okra thoroughly, blend or grate 1/4 of the Okra roughly and chop the rest a bit chunky (Blend the entire Okra roughly if you don’t fancy chewy Okra soup) also chop 1 Atarodo and set aside…stewed seafood okra 11
Get a big size pot, set on a hob on medium heat, add the chopped onions, sauté till fragrant. Then add the locust beans and 1 tablespoon crayfish, sauté for a minute…stewed seafood okra 2
Next, add the blended pepper, Maggi crayfish and fry for 10-12 minutes…stewed seafood okra 3

Get another pot, add 3 cups of water, chopped onions, add salt, garlic powder and your other seasoning, bring to a rolling boil , throw in the Stockfish and cook for 5 minutes or until the Stockfish become slightly tender, by then it would have released some flavour into the stock. Taste your stock as it needs to be well seasoned, if you haven’t got chicken or beef stock available, you’ll be using the stock later.

Nothing beats the flavour of stockfish in soups…stewed seafood okra 5
When it’s tender, add the crab claws and cook for 7 minutes…stewed seafood okra 6
After 7 minutes, add the rest of the seafood and crayfish, cook for 5 minutes..seafood okraYou’ll notice it’s not boiling here, I took the pot off the heat to take the photo as the steam was interfering with the picture quality…
After 3 minutes, pour the cooked seafood into a colander and set the stock aside.

When the pepper has fried and oil has settled on the top as pictured below:stewed seafood okra 9

Add 2-3 cups of the chicken/ beef/ seafood stock and continue to cook for 3 minutes…stewed seafood okra 10
Now add the marinated fish and cook for 5 minutes…stewed seafood okra 12Important Tip: Do not cover the pot from now till the end of the cooking process. Covering Okra soup affects its viscosity.

After 5 minutes, take the fish out so they don’t break during the next step, now add the blended okra and chopped Atarodo…stewed seafood okra 13
Stir vigorously to combine, then add the chopped okra gradually and stir,this is so you can control the thickness of the soup, combine and cook for 3 minutes..stewed seafood okra 14
Add the cooked fish back into the soup, also add the cooked seafood , stir and combine but be careful not to break the fish, cook for 3-4 minutes and it’s ready….seafood okra

And that’s it….Serve with your favourite swallow or eat it just on it’s own…..seafood okraseafood okraThis is the pot I made later that day, he wanted his’ with less Okra…..seafood okra

So, here we are again, signing off. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for notification of new recipes and do leave us a feedback if or when you’ve given this Stewed Seafood Okra recipe….Nigerian style a try. See you later!

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  1. when you say crab claws, is it that crab doesnt have any meat on it? i think it does, bt pls educate me, am new to crabs. tx

    • Hi Banke, sorry for the late response. Crabs are meaty but the claws carry more meats than other parts, so some prefer to buy just the claws rather than whole crabs. Hope this helps….

    • H, sorry for the late response. Will be awaiting your feedback. Not sure I got your email though, please confirm your email address. I have responed to all my emails though, so chances are I’ve replied already…..X

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