Egusi Pepper Soup

Egusi pepper soup is a popular Nigerian Pepper Soup dish. It’s particularly common among the people of Niger-Delta.  It is basically an Egusi (melon seeds) infused pepper soup dish.

Egusi Pepper soup is mostly prepared with fresh fish though different fish types can be incorporated. It pretty much seems like there are no hard and fast rules with regards to the choice of proteins used for this dish, although like I said earlier, fresh fish, especially Catfish is used in most cases.

I have a published recipe for proper Egusi Soup, click HERE for the recipe if you’re interested.

Let’s begin…


1/2 Cup Ground Egusi (Melon Seeds)

Assorted Meats (I’m using Goat meat, Ponmo, Cow leg)

1 Medium Fresh Fish ( I’m using Tilapia)

2-3 Medium Pieces Stock fish or Dried/Smoked Fish

Handful Dry or Fresh Efinrin/ Basil leaves

2-3 Tablespoon Ground Pepper ( Ata gungun)

1-2 Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)

1 Small  Onion Chopped

2 Uda Pod

3 Ehuru/ Calabash Nutmeg Seeds

1 Levelled Tablespoon Uziza Seeds

If you haven’t got Uda, Uziza and Ehuru, just two tablespoons pepper soup spice will suffice

1 Tablespoon Ground Crayfish

2 Knorr Chicken Cubes or your preferred bouillon cubes

1 Teaspoon Your Preferred Beef/Chicken Seasoning ( I use Aromat)

Salt to Taste


These are the fish/meats  I’ll be using…

Egusi Pepper Soup

These are my spices, Uda, Uziza seeds, Ehuru, also the scotch bonnet, bouillon cube and ground pepper…

Egusi pepper soup 5

Start by boiling the meats. Start with the tough ones, in this case, I boiled my cow leg for 20 minutes, then added goat meat and whole scotch bonnets, chopped onions, Knorr cubes, seasoning and salt. I let this boil till tender, this took 30 minutes thereabouts on medium to high heat….

I know it seems/looks like I’ve added too much water, this is so because I’ll be adding some more meat/fish as I go…

Egusi pepper soup 2

Now, add the Ponmo and stock fish or the softer meats you’re using, also add the pepper soup spice, crayfish and half of the ground pepper, cook for 15 minutes….

Egusi pepper soup 4Egusi Pepper soup
Now, scoop out the cooked meats, I left the Ponmo as they weren’t soft enough…
Turn the heat down to low, now, add the fresh fish if you’re using any.

It’s ideal to cook fish separately, this is so the fish won’t “scatter” while cooking, cook for 5 minutes…

Egusi pepper soup 6

Now, take out all the cooked fish and meat, leaving just the stock. Mix your ground Egusi with water, till you get a semi thick consistency…

Egusi pepper soup 7
Add the Egusi into the stock, stir and combine, you should get a smooth consistency, the soup will thicken up with heat so be sure to dilute with water if you end up with a thickish consistency. The consistency should be a bit fluid. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary…

Egusi pepper soup 8

Add the fish and meats back into the pot, stir and combine, leave to cook for 3-5 minutes, still on LOW heat…

Egusi Pepper Soup

Now add the Efinrin or Uziza leaves, be careful when adding Uziza especially if you’re using the fresh leaves as it is quite spicy (hot). I crushed my Efinrin in a dry mill before adding…

I don’t particularly like to use vegetables for Egusi Pepper Soup, hence the small quantity, be sure to add as much as you desire. I only added for illustration purposes….

Egusi pepper soup 10
Stir and combine, switch off the heat and leave to cook with the residual heat for 2 minutes…
And your Egusi Pepper Soup is ready…

egusi pepper soup 13
Serve with your preferred swallow or just eat on its own as you would, pepper soup…Egusi Pepper soup

Egusi pepper soup



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  1. Oh my Gawd! I am making this next. I can’t wait. just finished d cooking ur fish and yam pepper soup…..I my house is infused in a sweet aroma that is out of this world. You are the best. xoxo

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