Plantain Chips – Igbekere

Plantain Chips, also known as Igbekere by the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigerian and Kpekere by the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria, are easily the simplest plantain recipe to pull off. Whether crunchy, salty, spicy or sweet, they are very tasty and extremely popular. 

The preparation of Plantain chips is pretty basic but you’ll notice I added Turmeric to the list of ingredients. Now, this is optional. I learnt this tip from an Asian friend, I’d always wondered why her chips turned out with a nice yellowy glow each time, I asked and she confirmed she uses Turmeric to alter the colour a bit, so I decided to try it out and it worked. Feel free to omit this if you’re not comfortable with it.

Let’s get to it….


Unripe Plantain

Vegetable oil

Turmeric (Optional)

Cayenne Pepper (Optional)



First peel the Plantain. Slice into thin slices using a slicer or a sharp knife…

Plantain chips

Next, add water into a deep bowl, mix in some Turmeric and Salt…

plantain chips
Add the sliced Plantains, leave for 5 minutes then sieve out the water mixture using a colander, then transfer Plantain unto a tray, blot dry using a paper towel, make sure you get them as dry as possible otherwise your chips will turn out soft and not crunchy. Then sprinkle some Cayenne Pepper on the chips, this is also optional.

plantain chips 3

Now add Vegetable oil into a wok or deep frying pan, enough oil to deep fry the Plantain chips. You can also use a deep fryer, when it’s hot, fry the chips on medium heat till for 2-3 minutes….

plantain chips 4

See, crispy, crispy…:)

plantain chips 5

Transfer onto a paper towel lined tray….

plantain chips 7

And it’s ready….

plantain chips 9

Enjoy!plantain chips 10

plantain chips 11

As usual, do let us know how you get on should you choose to replicate this Plantain Chips recipe. don’t forget to subscribe to the Blog for automated notifications of new recipes. See you in the next recipe.

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  1. I love this snacks but I don’t know how to fry it so it will come out okay. Last time I fried it, it was not crunchy

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