Jollof Rice Tips – 7 Helpful Jollof Rice Tips

Jollof Rice Tips? Very necessary right?!  So, I got a request from a lovely lady a week ago to add cooking tips to the Blog. I thought long and hard about a subject to start with and thought, why not start with the one food most people struggle with; The elephant in the kitchen, Jollof Rice!

Jollof Rice Tips 15

I already have a published Jollof Rice recipe which is quite straightforward on the Blog, click HERE to view the recipe. Do note that this isn’t a Jollof Rice Recipe post, my published recipe is as potent as can be so I don’t need to update it yet, this is just a post to share hints and tips for achieving  perfect Jollof Rice. You can apply tips shared here whenever you decide to replicate my recipe.

Quite frankly, my most viewed recipe on the Blog till date happens to the Jollof rice recipe and I’ve had quite a number of feedbacks on it, on the Blog, Instagram, Facebook and personally. Also, since it’s nearly Christmas, I think it’s a good time to share these tips so we can all relax and face our Jollof rice fears once and for all.

There are 7 Jollof Rice Tips in my opinion that one needs to consider in other to achieve the perfect Jollof rice consistency and taste. I’ll take them one at a time.


1) Quality Of Rice Used:

This has a lot to do with achieving the right consistency of Jollof Rice. You’ll need to make sure you’re using a very good brand, preferably easy cook, long grain rice. Opting for a not too good brand will result in soggy, Risotto/ Paella type consistency Jollof rice and God knows I’ll never touch soggy rice with a barge pole. The quality of your rice will greatly determine the consistency/firmness of your Jollof Rice.

Tolly Boy  is one brand I can’t get enough of. It’s one of the best out there…

Tolly boy Rice for Jollof Rice

2) Quantity of Bell Peppers, Tomatoes And Tomato Purée:

This is another important tip to consider. Your pepper should be more than raw  tomatoes if you want to achieve the reddy Jollof rice colour. Using more raw tomatoes will water down the colour of your Jollof rice. You would need to substitute the rest of the needed tomatoes for tomato purée. Tomato purée is the secret to the signature reddy Jollof Rice colour. So, for every 3 cups of Jollof rice, you’ll need 3 Red Bell Peppers, 2 Small Tomatoes and 70g of tomato purée.

Pepper ratio for jollof Rice

3) The Quality Of Stock Used:

Stock plays a vital role in the preparation of perfect Jollof rice. Whether beef, chicken or turkey stock, it needs to be well seasoned and very rich. Well seasoned stock enhances the taste of Jollof Rice.

4) Quantity Of Water/Liquid Added:

Now, I’m not an advocate of using parboiled rice for Jollof Rice. I believe parboiling takes too much way from the frying time which in turn takes away from the end result. If you would rather use parboiled rice or are comfortable with it, please feel free to continue as such, it’s only a personal thing for me. I digress, I prefer to start off with very little liquid, say, 3 cups of liquid or stew for 3 cups of rice and add more as I go.

Jollof Rice Tips 9

5) The Temperature Of Heat Used:

This is so very important cos using very low heat will result in soggy rice while high heat will dry up the liquid faster than the rice is able is soften. Balance is key. The temperature should be moderate, that is medium heat.

6) The Two Secret Ingredients:

The ingredients are as stated in my Jollof rice recipe, they are White Pepper and Butter. With these two ingredients, you really can’t go wrong. White pepper is added along with the spices and seasoning while Butter is added at the end, say a few minutes to doneness. White pepper give Jollof rice its prominent flavour and taste while Butter gives it a rich look and taste.

7) Steam! Steam!! And more Steam!!!

Jollof rice needs steam and not liquid to cook perfectly. You’ll need to trap in as much heat as you possibly can to achieve perfect consistency. Try to use a pot with a very firm and tight lid and if you can, try to cover the rice up with foil paper before covering with the lid. This will help trap in the heat better and cook your rice to perfection without the need for continuous liquid incorporation.

Jollof Rice Tips 10

And that’s it really, if you follow these Jollof Rice Tips, then you really can’t go wrong with your next trial.

Jollof Rice Tips 14Jollof Rice Tips

Have you got some more Perfect Jollof Rice Tips you would love to share? Do leave a comment so we can learn from you. See you soon.

34 thoughts on “Jollof Rice Tips – 7 Helpful Jollof Rice Tips

  1. Your blog is deliciously amazing! Definitely sharing this on all my social media platforms. You are doing such a Fab Job,Double thumbs up!

  2. SisiJemimah
    3 things:
    1) You are beautiful!
    2) in #2 above you say to use tomato puree but in the recipe you wrote tomato paste. Here in the State those are NOT the same o! Here, paste is thick like Derica, while purée has abit more liquid (it’s almost like canned crushed tomatoes but with less liquid).
    Please clarify!
    Btw I made your Jollof for xmas and hubby devoured it it was delicious! I got abit of smokiness to it but not the full party smoky flavor. Next time you think I should add more white pepper or just use bell pepper and onion in the pepper sauce?
    In ur opinion what really gives it that smoky taste (when you don’t have firewood)?
    #3) you are beautiful!!

    • I’m so so sorry for the late response. Thanks for your lovely comment and feedback, made me smile . I’m glad the recipe turned out great, good stuff. I’m sorry, it’s meant to be Tomato puree and not the paste, I’ll edit ASAP.

      For smokiness, you’ll need to use a ditch pot or any heavy base pot but definitely not non stick. The rice needs to burn for you to achieve smokiness, the more it burns, the better. Let’s just say it’s give and take, you lose a lot of rice but you achieve your required smokiness. For three cups of rice, you should lose at least a cup to burning. Adding a bit more white pepper also helps but not as much as leaving it to burn. Another alternative is to use liquid smoke. Hope this helps…

  3. You have lovely set of teeth. I noticed you use fresh/raw Tomatoes. I normally use Plum / Canned Tomatoes. Please, does it matter?

    • Hi, thanks *teeth out* Sorry for the late response. I usually use plum tomatoes to be honest. The tomatoes in the photo are just for explanation reasons cos some people aren’t familiar with plum tomatoes….X

  4. So sorry for the late reply, it was much more better when I changed the rice, you have a great blog here and have tried some of your recipes, will give individual feedbacks, God bless you dear

  5. Hi, thanks for the tips, i usually have one issue which is the rice always seems a bit hard after cooking it, I use tolly aswell

    • Hi, do you trap in as much heat ad possible when you’re cooking J.Rice? That’s what’s really important, try covering tightly with foil paper before putting the lid on. That being said, I’ve heard a number of people complain about Tollyboy taking too long to soften for J,rice. You should try Island sun easy cook rice, it’s a really good brand and I’ve recently bought a bag to try. It cooks loads faster and is just as good, if not better than Tollyboy.

  6. You’re a fantastic cook and I’ve found your tops and recipes very helpful and follow. I’ve one request to make please, how do I get that party jollof rice taste, that very rich taste in party rice please? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, sorry for the late response. Thanks for the kind words. To achieve the authentic Jollof rice taste/flavour, you’ll need to get all the requirements right, from the pepper/ tomatoes ratio, to core ingredients, method of cooking and smokiness. Don’t know if you get me, but it’s not a one click result, all steps have to be followed properly.

    • Hi Anon, good to know you got on well with the recipe, thanks for the feedback. I’ve never added milk to a Jollof rice before so I really can’t tell when it goes in. Milk is not a requirement for Nigerian Jollof rice…

  7. Hi, wish i could cook like u, I like every bit of ur post, thnx a lot ma.
    I find it difficult thinking of wat to cook daily, can u pls post a daily nutritional timetable?
    Three meal daily in a week.

    • Hi Patience, sorry for the late response. Thanks for the lovely comments. I will work on a timetable and publish ASAP, thanks once again…l

  8. I love all the recipes you’ve published so far…I have to visit your page every weekend to check for a special delicacy for my family…I love what you’re doing…well done.

    • Ginger is indeed very important, I blend my peppers with Ginger every single time. Milk though? That’s a first….hmmm…:D

  9. Very lovely tips I learnt in my culinary journey too. Another secret I know asides butter is extra thyme,bay leaf and garlic. Try it.

    • Hi Toyin, thanks for the tips, I actually thought Thyme and Bay leaf were pretty basic and Jollof can’t be without hence the exclusion…haha. Yeah, they are indeed very necessary, I do sauté with Garlic when it suits but will make it a necessity from now on. Thanks so much for the tips once again…

  10. I love these tips. Very well explained as usual. I will surely get back to you soon. Keep up the good work, I’m your number one fan!!!

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