Ojojo – Yam Fritters

Ojojo, also known as Yam Fritters is a traditional Nigerian snack or finger food made from grated Water Yam (Isu Ewura). Ojojo can be classed as a meal where/when it’s paired with Hot Pap, Garri or Oatmeal. It is incredibly … Continue Reading—->

Yam Porridge – Asaro Ati Ata Dindin

Yam Porridge/ Pottage also known as Asaro by the Yoruba People of Western Nigeria, is a Stewed Mashed Yam delicacy. Yam Porridge is made with White/Puna Yam. This method of preparing Yam Porridge is peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of … Continue Reading—->

Oven Baked Moimoi

Oven Baked Moimoi

Oven Baked Moimoi is simply Moimoi baked in an oven as opposed to hob steaming. Moimoi is also known as Steamed Bean Pudding. Moimoi is made with either brown beans, black eyed beans or lentils. Moimoi can be steamed in … Continue Reading—->


Ikokore -Water Yam Pottage

Ikokore, Yes!!! What a lovely recipe to kick-start the New Year with. Happy New Year, before I forget. Trust we all had a wonderful Christmas and new Year celebrations. Mine wasn’t as exciting, been down with a really bad cold … Continue Reading—->

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