Oatmeal Fufu

Oatmeal Fufu is an increasingly popular dish made with wholegrain oats. Oatmeal Fufu is an healthier substitute for traditional Nigerian “swallows”. Before we go any further, I’ll briefly talk about the benefits of Oatmeal.

Oatmeal is an appetite suppressor that can be an integral part to any weight loss diet. It is low in calorie and rich in soluble fiber, which can help anyone feel fuller for longer, as it takes a long time to digest. This keeps hunger at bay, which can help you stay slim. Oatmeal is a carbohydrate and protein-rich source that provides calories and energy. This helps the stomach empty its contents slowly, which affects blood sugar levels and has a positive effect on our insulin sensitivity. Oatmeal reduces cholesterol and helps reduce blood pressure.

See, it’s a win-win situation all the way. Oatmeal Fufu is very easy to make, please note that you need original Oats for this recipe, not the flavoured oats, just plain, old fashioned Oats..

Oatmeal Fufu


1 Cup Oats

1.5 Cups Water


Pour the oats into a blender or dry mill and blend till smooth…

Oatmeal Fufu 2

Next, place a saucepan on a hob on medium heat, add the water and bring to a rolling boil. Then add the blended oats. Stir and mix like you would any other swallow…

Oatmeal Fufu 3

Continue to mix till you get a thick consistency….

Oatmeal Fufu 4

Serve as required…

Oatmeal fufu


Oatmeal Fufu is best enjoyed with Ogbono soup or Okra soup. We have recipes for the soups published on the Blog already, if you’re interested.

For Ogbono Soup recipe, please click HERE

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For Ogbono Okra Soup Recipe, please click HERE

There you have it, sumptuous Oatmeal Fufu. Will you be trying this out? Yay! Will be waiting on your feedback. See you in the next post!

14 thoughts on “Oatmeal Fufu

  1. Would definitely try this, as I really need to replace my swallow food to compliment my dieting plan. Thanks Jemmy…any other swallow replacements?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping, I haven’t got any more but Nigerian ketogenic bloggers have got loads. Check out @dropstonezwithlola on Instagram

  2. Hi Jemimah, I was wondering – in light of the first comment, supposing I make this fufu without blending the oatmeal to probably preserve the fiber….what do you think?

  3. I used to think this was great for weight loss till I realized it was high in calories and loses it fibre when ground. Thus making it no different from garri. Ever bothered calculating how many calories you consume in a meal?….. Might be worth doing anyway.
    Thanks for the recipe enlightenment.

    • Hi, it’s the same as the one I used. Only difference is the packaging; mine comes in a carton and yours probably a tin.

  4. Hi, please will like to know if semovita and semolina are healthy options for someone watching their weight.

  5. just finished eating it . so very lovely. had 2 recomend it for an aunt of mine…love u ..Pls cld u publish a book or compile all ur recipes together for easy access and it cld b used as souvenirs for brides….

    • I’m glad you loved it. Thanks for the feedback….. I’ll be working on a cookbook later in the year definitely, thanks for the suggestion….X

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