Sisi Jemimah’s Designer Stew

Designer Stew? You’re probably wondering what all that’s about…LOL. This recipe was actually a bit of a fluke. I decided to defrost my freezer at the weekend. While defrosting, I found some old assorted peppers which had now become soggy.  I didn’t want to waste them, so I decided to use them all for a stew recipe. Wasn’t particularly sure how the stew would turn out but I chose to go with the flow.

You can do without the Chillies if you can’t source them and just stick to assorted bell peppers instead.

Designer stew

Best move ever! The stew was absolutely delicious! And Sisi Jemimah’s Designer Stew was born….haha

I’ve got a number of Ata Dindin ( Fried Stew) recipes on the blog already but this Designer Stew recipe is in a league of its own and a trial will convince you.

Before we go on, let’s just get one thing straight, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve perfectly fried stew without using a lot of oil, absolutely no imposeible. What you’ll end up with is boiled and not fried stew if you try to cut corners. That being said, this recipe requires a lot of oil. You can decant the excess oil at the end of your cooking for use at a later date, yes, it is reusable. So, if you’re an active member of The Nigerian Oyel Police force, then this recipe isn’t for you. Fellow Oyel Law Violators, lerrus cook….


6 Assorted Red, Yellow and Green Sweet Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

100g Red and Green Chillies

2-4 Scotch Bonnet (Atarodo)

1.5 Onions

2 Cups Palm oil

700g Fried Assorted Meats

1/2 Cup Locust Beans (Iru)

1 Cup Shredded Stockfish

2 Knorr Chicken Cubes

Salt to taste


Blend the peppers and 1 onion roughly. You can do that by hand or by pouring into your blender and using the pulse setting, pulse a couple of times. This will shred the peppers rather than completely blend them. Be sure to drain any excess water from the blend if you had to add water to it while blending.

Designer stew

Now, pour the palm oil into a large sauce pan and place on low heat. Leave to heat up for 15 minutes or until slightly bleached.

Sisi’s Kitchen Tip: The safest way to bleach Palm oil is by bleaching on low heat, leave the lid on the pot throughout the bleaching process. When it’s bleached to your satisfaction, take it off the heat but do not open it. Leave to cool for about 3-4 minutes before opening.

When it’s bleached , add 1/2 Chopped Onion, sauté till slightly browned…

designer stew 4

Now add the Locust Beans, sauté for 2 minutes….

designer stew 5

Now add the blended pepper mix. Also add the Knorr Cubes and Salt to taste…

designer stew 6

Stir and combine, then turn the heat down to low, not too low though, leave to fry for an hour.

The taste/flavour of Green Pepper is quite potent and would take a while to completely get rid of it.

Designer stew

Stir every now and then to prevent burning. After an hour, you’ll see the oil has settled on the top…

Designer stew

Now add the fried meats, leave to fry again for 30 minutes, still on low heat. Taste for Seasoning and Salt, adjust if necessary….

designer stew

Then add the shredded Stockfish and Crayfish, combine and leave for 10 minutes. And that’s it…

Designer stew


designer stew 4

Enjoy with boiled Rice, Yam, Plantain or Pasta…

designer stew


Designer stew 2designer stew 3

Easy peasy, right? Do remember to leave a feedback when you’ve tried this tasty Designer Stew recipe. See you in the next recipe….

56 thoughts on “Sisi Jemimah’s Designer Stew

  1. Also after frying the meat maybe with palm oil n groundnut oil mixed or just groundnut oil. can i use same oil to fry the stew? and which oil do you recommend best for frying meat for palm oil based stews?

  2. What oil do you use to fry the meats for all your stew recipes? just vegetable oil or vegetable and palm oil mixed?

  3. sis Jemimah this dish is a hit in my home!! I am Ghanaian but my igbo husband is never dissapointed with this treat i like to surprise him with now and again. The iru has a strong scent so you can smell it from across the road before you even get to the house but he’s always full of compliments otherwise. Thank you so much.

  4. Sisi Jemimah, thank you so much. I have just made this and it is good! My plan is to start following your recipes closely. Thank you.

    • Sorry for the late response, glad the recipe worked out great for you, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback and for the kind words…x

  5. Ooohhhh SJ. I have bookmarked ur page. My husband keeps wondering where my skills are coming from with varieties. Thank u soo much, God bless you. xoxo

  6. Thank you for being a blessing to women like me…you don’t know how much you have helped me by providingwi easy access to food recipes…God will make your life easy….i hope i can make a dress for you some day!

    • Aw!!! Nablus so much for the kind words, glad my recipes work great for you. Amen! To your lovely prayers. I’ll take you up on the offer for a dress…😂

  7. This recipe is unreal!
    Made it a few times and it was a hit each time!
    Everyone loved it!
    I have tried a few of your recipes and they are indeed authentic
    God bless you Sisi Jemimah

    • Aw! Thanks so much for the feedback and for taking the time to leave one. I’m glad the recipe worked out great for you. God bless you more…

  8. Wow! Been wanting something different from the regular Naija tomato sauce (stew), so tried this earlier today. It is Super Deli-Ci-Ous!! Tastes like Ayamase but on a whole new level! Thank you for your easy-to-follow instructions and making me chuckle too with all your hilarious side notes. Well done! Goat meat curry is next. #superhappy

    • Thanks for your lovelyfeedback Liz and I’m sorry for the late response. I’m Glad the recipe worked out great for you and thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback. Look forward to your curry goat feedback…x

  9. This past weekend, I used 3 of your recipes, Designer stew was one of them, it tastes exactly like designer rice of Allen avenue, wow!!! you are too much SJ. Moimoi and kara were also a hit!!! you are blessed xx

  10. Dear Sisi,
    I have been going over your blog for the past one hour while at work!!!!
    This should taste yummy..well, it already does by mere looking at it. Will give it a try this week end God’s willing.
    And btw your photos are awesome. Which camera do you use?

    • Hi Hauwa, thanks for visiting. Do leave a feedback when you’ve tried it, I’m sure you’ll love it. I use a Nikon D3300….xx

  11. Hey,
    I don’t know why I haven’t left you a message yet to thank you for your blog. I have been following you, Have tried a lot of your recipes and they are always awesome. I have even referred many people to your blog.
    Keep up the good work and keep them coming, especially the Nigerian dishes
    Thank you Sisi Jemima

    • Aww! Your comment put a huge smile on my face. Thanks so much. I’m glad you for my recipes very easy to follow and thanks a lot for the referrals. You’re very welcome….xx

  12. I tried this recipe and you have taken my designer stew power to new levels!!! Everyone who had it was soooo impressed!! This recipe is a real game changer ohh, I can’t go back to the old ways!! Thank youuu!!

    • Yay! Awesome feedback! I’m glad the recipe turned our great. Thanks so much for the feedback and you’re so very welcome….xx

    • Hi Yemi, not sure how I managed to miss your comment, so sorry. I’m glad it turned out well. You’re very welcome…xx

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! Can’t get over the “Ofada on steroids” bit. ??? Appreciate you taking the time to leave a feedback. Thank you….xx

  13. If you’re yet to try this stew, you’re on a longggggg thing! I’m not even going to lie! This stew was DELICIOUS ???!!! I’ll just stop here so ya’ll don’t think I’m exaggerating. Just try it and thank sisi Jemimah.

    • Yay! I’m glad the recipe worked great for you, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback. Thank you!!

  14. Thank you for the recipe, it was easy to follow and fairy straight forward to make. Just finished cooking, can’t wait to try it

  15. Very delicious.I have always wondered how that stew taste was gotten until I got dis post ,tried it and I was so pleased with myself. Love it!.Although I thing d 1hr for frying d stew is too much tho.I was trying to follow the recipe but it got burnt à little plus i was too lazy to fey d meet.It still came out perfect
    Thanks Jemimah God bless.

    • Hi. Thanks for your feedback. Im glad you loved the recipe. 1 hour on low heat isn’t too much oh. I fry for longer, at least 2 hours if I’m not pressed for time. That’s how to transition from normal pepper stew to Ofada type taste. You probably fried it on medium heat, that’s why it burnt. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback, it’s much appreciated…

  16. Your stew frying skills is impeccable! I love all your ata Dindin recipes. I will try this this coming weekend. God bless you Sisi J.

  17. You are really doing well, I am impressed, more grease 2 ya elbow, u are definitely going places , God’s grace .

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