Coconut Yam Porridge (Pottage)

Coconut Yam Porridge (Pottage) is simply a coconut milk infused Yam Pottage recipe. This recipe is very and easy and straightforward. If like me, you’re a fan of coconut, then this recipe is definitely for you. To achieve a more potent Coconut taste/flavour, you’ll need to use Vegetable oil instead of Palm oil as  the taste and aroma of Palm oil can be quite overpowering and may overpower the coconut  flavour.

One thing I love about this Coconut Yam Porridge recipe is the fact that you do not need to serve it with stew, it is tasty on its own. I add a bit of Sugar to the Yam when parboiling it with the Coconut Milk. You do not need to do this but I find it tastier. I intentionally left it out of the recipe so I don’t get in trouble with The Undocumented Health Police Force but if that appeals to you, then feel free to do so.

Lastly, you don’t have to use just the proteins stated, feel free to use whichever you feel like. Shreded Chicken tastes really nice with this recipe.

Let’s cook!


1/2 Tuber Medium Size White/Puna Yam, washed and chopped into small chunks

2 Cooking Spoons Palm Oil/Vegetable Oil

1 Cup Chicken/Beef /Fish Stock

400ml Coconut Milk (1 Can)

3 Red Bell Pepper( Tatashe)

1.5 Big Onion (optional)

1 Scotch Bonnet( Atarodo)

1 Medium Size Smoked Fish Soaked and Shredded (Optional)

1 Medium size Stockfish Cooked and Shredded (Optional)

2 Heaped Tablespoon Ground Crayfish

1/2 Cup Smoked Prawns

1 Inch Ginger Root

4 Garlic Cloves

2 Knorr Chicken Cubes or your preferred Bouillon cubes

1/2 Teaspoon your Preferred Seasoning (I’m using Aromat)

Salt to Taste


Here are my main ingredients:

Blend the Bell Peppers, Scotch Bonnet, Garlic, Ginger and 1 Onion till smooth and set aside.

coconut yam porridge

Get a fairly big pot, place on a hob on medium heat, add the Palm oil. When it’s hot, slice the remaining 1.2 onion and add, sauté till fragrant, 2 minutes thereabouts…

coconut yam porridge 7

After 2 minutes, add the Blended pepper, Bouillon Cubes, Seasoning and Salt to taste. Cover and fry for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent burning…

coconut yam porridge 8

While the stew is frying, pour the Coconut Milk into a medium size pot, bring to a rolling boil, then transfer the yam into the coconut Milk, add just a bit of salt and parboil for 6-8 minutes. Don’t overcook or cook till soft, just till it’s a tad bit tender…

coconut yam porridge 9

Check on the stew, when it’s well fried, you’ll know when the oil settles on the top. Add 1 cup of stock, combine and leave to cook for a further 2-3 minutes…

coconut yam porridge

Now, add the parboiled Yam, along with the Coconut Milk. Also add the Shredded Smoked Fish, Stockfish, Crayfish and Smoked Prawns. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary…

coconut yam porridge 10

Combine thoroughly, turn the heat down to low, cover and leave to cook for 15 minutes or until the yam softens. When the yam  softens, mash half of the yam or mash all of the yam if you refer very squishy porridge..,.

coconut yam porridge 11

Switch off the heat at this time and let it simmer with the residual heat for 2-3 minutes…

coconut yam porridge

Your Coconut  Yam Porridge is ready…

coconut yam porridge 3

coconut yam porridge



coconut yam porridge 3


And…. that’s it! Enjoy your Coconut Yam Porridge but don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for automated notifications of new recipes so you don’t miss out on them, you can subscribe using the feature on the homepage. Do “Share” the recipe with friends using the “Share” buttons below.  See you in the next recipe!

15 thoughts on “Coconut Yam Porridge (Pottage)

  1. Gosh its so good… I want this to be my final meal when I’m on my dying bed…lol Oh mehn, i am obsessed with you. Made the potato breakfast yesterday. I am making the chicken and mushroom right now

  2. I’m actually salivating now. Nothing will stop me from trying out these yam recipes at home. I’ll be doing all in small portions at the same time so it’s going to be like a yam festival in my home. Thanks dearie for these yummy 😋 recipes. You rock!!! #followingu2aT.

  3. Waoh! This is delicious! Ever since I tried out your coconut fried rice, thumbs up….now coconut yam porridge…just tried it out and it was “out of this world” couldn’t get a word to qualify it. ..tnks Sis, kudos to you

  4. My God! It was delicious. My kids on a normal day don’t eat yam, they just tasted it and finished d whole pot with dier dad.Thnx aunty Jemimah, ure d ?.

  5. I just made this! I’m waiting for my hubby to give me pat on the back when he tries it later tonight. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Many thanks sis.

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