Nigerian Doughnuts (Donuts)

Nigerian Doughnuts are simply Nigerian style Doughnuts. For me, nothing beats home-made Doughnuts, they are simply delicious and rewarding, well, for the hard work and effort put into them. This recipe is pretty simple and all you need is just one trial and you’ll never have to refer back to the Blog on your next try. I really shouldn’t call them Nigerian doughnuts as they aren’t different from the Doughnuts you get from shops abroad, but hey, who is asking questions?

Nigerian doughnuts

This recipe makes 7-8 Doughnuts.

Nigerian doughnuts

Let’s begin…


250g Plain Flour

55 -60g Granulated Sugar

7g Active Dry Yeast

1/4 Teaspoon Nutmeg (Optional)

70ml Warm Milk

50ml warm water

20g Room Temperature Butter

1 Egg

Pinch Of Salt


Firstly, pour the Yeast into a large bowl. Then add the Milk, Water and Sugar and Nutmeg. Mix lightly, then add the Salt. Mix till sugar is well dissolved. Then add the Egg, mix thoroughly…

Nigerian doughnuts

Now, sift the Flour into the mixture. Please be sure to sift the Flour so you don’t end up with an unmanageable dough.

Nigerian doughnuts

Mix and knead till you get a firm and smooth batter, this should take 5-6 minutes….

Nigerian doughnuts 6

When the batter is formed, add the Butter. Knead thoroughly till you get a very soft and elastic dough. The dough should be smooth and shouldn’t stick to your fingers at this point. If it’s sticky, add little flour and knead. Kneading should take 4-5 minutes…

Nigerian doughnuts 5

After kneading, place the dough in an oiled bowl, cover and place in a warm place to proof.

You may have problems getting your dough to proof, if this is the case, place the bowl containing the dough in your oven, then place a couple of cups of hot water underneath/ on a lower rack. The heat from the hot water will help with the fermentation.

Leave to proof for an hour or until it doubles in size…

Nigerian doughnuts 7

When it’s doubled in size, take the dough out and place on a floured surface. Press down the dough a few times to remove excess air. Then fold into a round shape again and place back into the oiled bowl and into cool place to proof for another 20 minutes…

Nigerian doughnuts 8

After 20 minutes, roll out the dough. The Dough should be at least half an inch thick. Then using a Dough cutter or any doughnut size  round object, cut out round doughnut shapes. Then using a smaller round object, cut out the Doughnut holes…

You can re-roll and cut the excess dough. Just remove the excess, knead very lightly and roll, then cut into shapes….

Nigerian doughnuts

Gently lift the cut Doughnuts from the surface and arranged on a floured baking tray.

Be sure to flour the surface or you’ll have problems lifting the dough from the tray later.

Cover with a kitchen towel, put back in a cool place to proof again until it doubles in size. Mine isn’t exactly double, my patience wore thin. You can leave yours for longer, the longer the better. not too long dough, just until it doubles in size…

Nigerian doughnuts

Now, pour Vegetable oil into a fairly big pot, the oil should be at least 3 inches deep. Heat up to 375 degrees. Please make sure your oil isn’t too hot, otherwise the Doughnuts will burn before they have a chance to cook.

Sisi’s Oil Test Tip: Drop a Doughnut hole in the oil, if it starts to cook immediately, then it’s hot enough. If it browns immediately, then it’s too hot. If it sinks and doesn’t cook within 10 seconds, then it’s too cold.


IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT FRY YOUR DOUGHNUTS IMMEDIATELY AFTER PROOFING: The Dough would be too wet and would be an absolute mess. Leave out to dry for at least 10 minutes before frying…

Using a flat spatula, gently lift the Doughnuts from the tray, shake off excess flour, and drop into the hot oil. Fry on each size for 40-50 seconds or until golden brown.

Nigerian doughnuts 11

Remember to turn them over…

Do not fry too many at once or the temperature of the oil will drop; causing the doughnuts to soak in too much oil. Make sure you leave the oil to reheat again between batches. 

Nigerian doughnuts

Place fried Doughnuts on a rack to cool…

Nigerian doughnuts

If you want Sugar Doughnuts, immerse the Doughnuts in granulated sugar. You can also add Cinnamon powder to the Sugar for added flavour….

Nigerian doughnuts 16

Yummy Nigerian Doughnuts….

nigerian doughnuts


Gorgeousness all around….

Nigerian doughnuts

Nigerian doughnuts

That’s it guys!!!! So, make, make, make these yummy Nigerian Doughnuts and don’t forget to leave a feedback. You’ll be glad you did. See you soon!

51 thoughts on “Nigerian Doughnuts (Donuts)

  1. For the first time in my life I made a perfect doughnut. I’m so happy I came across this recipe. Special thanks to Sisi Jemimah ❤️❤️ This recipe is a dream come true. Looking forward to trying out more recipes and leaving you more reviews 😉😁

    • Yay! Love the feedback! I’m glad the recipe worked out great for you and thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback. It’s really appreciated…

  2. hi…. tried it and it ws wooow. tnx for d recipe. pls hwmany kg of flour cn i use to get 100 pecies of dougnuts? want to use dem for an event

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe. It has has helped me a lot. Cos i make doughnuts now and sell andpeople love it.

    • I’m so sorry for this really late response. Not sure how I missed your comment. You’re very welcome, glad the recipe works great for you, it’s really nice to know….X

  4. Thank you for your recipe. Made some and took to my evening shift. Everyone at work was really glad and said this is really nice compared to the ones they have been eating for years. Got home and not even one was left. Had to make some today because the kids will be on holiday from tomorrow and it is almost finished.

    • Thanks for the feedback and earlier photos Georgina. You made me want to make doughnuts with those lovely photos. Glad you and the family enjoyed it and the kids were able to help. Thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback, it’s appreciated….xx

    • Hi, Aww! I’m sorry I’ve got n photos of the inside. Didn’t think it was necessary to be honest as the photos speak for themselves. Would have made an effort if they had been filled doughnuts….x

  5. Yes fast cos I usually have baking ingredients at home,how do I send d pix and d short vid I made to u? Although I used mixer for d dough and I did d oven racing trick *smiles* and guess what I use d left over for the Rolls cos reading ur recipe it’s looks d same with d doughnuts. So I made 2 pieces of it, may God bless u Abundantly,as I always crave doughnuts and here in d UK it’s filled with jam and I Dnt eat much sugar, Thnks for d ogi link.

  6. I made this following ur recipe, my oh my it’s the truth, I’ve been trying doughnut for 1845 but all I get is chin chin in d oil. Lol, bless u sweety. Pls how can I make ogi with corn flour Bcos where I am I Dnt get to c ogi,as am breastfeeding mother,thnks will await ur kind reply

  7. hi sisi, i always admire your cook. hope to be like you one day. pls ma i need your email for a personal message. thanks

  8. Hi, just a curious question, why don’t you always proof your yeast before using, to be sure it activates. Just wondering if it’s same when u proof and when you don’t.

    • Hi Fidel. Not sure whether you’ve noticed, but my pastry or baking recipes always call for dry active yeast. Dry active yeast does not require proofing. In fact you can add it to dry ingredients and it’ll work just as well. Same thing goes for Instant Yeast. Hope this helps…X

  9. Confession time. I saw the donut picture on instagram and was almost sure those donuts were not home made so I rushed to the blog. You…are….a…legend!

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