Basmati Jollof Rice – Party Jollof Rice Edition

Basmati Jollof Rice is simply Nigerian style Jollof rice made with Basmati rice, as opposed to regular Long Grain Rice.

I’ve had several requests for Basmati Jollof Rice recipe in the past and quite frankly, I hardly cook with Basmati rice. I had had so may misses with Basmati in the past, I swore off it at some point. A lot of people, like me back then, believe Basmati rice is a pain to work with, well, that’s not totally false but the key to nailing it is actually sticking to a very good Basmati rice brand. If you’re in the UK, a very good brand I’ve found is the “Tropical Sun Golden Sella Basmati Rice”. It works like a charm! The consistency is so good, you’re bound to hit and love it at first try. The main selling point for me is the fact that this brand of Basmati does not have an unpleasant smell  unlike the other brands I’ve tried in the past.

basmati jollof rice 15

For those in Nigeria, a very good brand is “LaQuilla” and I believe it’s quite popular so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your hands on one.

Another important tip for perfect Basmati rice is to note that, unlike regular rice, Basmsti rice requires steam to cook properly as opposed to water/liquid. Only a fraction of the water used for long grain rice is required when cooking basmati so do not be tempted to add too much water, just ensure you trap in as much steam/heat as possible.

Basmati Jollof rice

Basmati jollof rice


3 cups Basmati Rice

3 Medium Size Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

1 can of Plum Tomatoes/ 3 Medium Tomatoes

2 Scotch Bonnet (Ata rodo)

2 Cups Beef or Chicken Stock or Water

100g Tomato Purée

2 Onions

120ml Cooking Oil

2 Tablespoons Butter

1 Inch Root Ginger

4 Cloves Garlic

1 Teaspoon Curry Powder

1 teaspoon seasoning or any seasons of your choosing

4 knorr Chicken Cubes

1 Tablespoon White Pepper

1 Teaspoon Thyme

2 Bay Leaves

Salt to taste

For Garnishing:

1 Onion

2 Medium Tomatoes


Firstly, wash your rice thoroughly till the water runs clean and set aside…

basmati jollof rice 10

Blend the Red Bell Peppers, Ginger, Garlic, Scotch Bonnet, Tomatoes and 1 Onion till smooth and set aside…

basmati jollof rice

Place a fairly big pot on medium heat. When it’s hot, add the blended Pepper, Curry Powder, Thyme, Seasoning, Knorr Cubes, White Pepper, Bay leaves and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly, leave to boil for 10-12 minutes, stir occasionally. This step is to get rid of most of the water contents…

If you’ll be using Stock later, be careful not to add too much Salt as your Stock already contains Salt…

basmati jollof rice 7

While that is boiling, place a Saucepan on low to medium heat, add the Vegetable Oil/Cooking Oil into it, when it’s hot, slice 1 Onion and pour into the Oil. Sauté for 2 minutes…

basmati jollof rice 8

Now add the Tomato Purée, fry for 10 minutes thereabouts. It is well fried when the Purée loses its sourness and begins to taste really sweet.

basmati jollof rice 9

Transfer the fried Tomato Purée along with the Onions and Oil into the boiled Pepper mix and continue to fry for another 10-12 minutes. Stir every now and then…

basmati jollof rice 11

Add 1-2 cups of stock or water and leave for a further 5 minutes…

It is important to over season your stew a bit. This only because the rice will suck up most of the seasoning while it’s cooking, and this will save you the hassle of adding more seasoning much later. 

basmati jollof rice 12

Now, add the washed rice..

basmati jollof rice 19

Stir thoroughly.

Make sure the stew quantity isn’t too much. Jollof rice does not require too much liquid to cook right, all it needs is adequate heat. 

basmati jollof rice 13

Now, cover the pot firmly with foil paper to trap in the heat, then secure tightly with the lid of the pot.
Turn the heat up to high and leave to cook for 10-12 minutes…

basmati jollof rice 14

Do check on it every now and then to prevent burning, stir with a WOODEN spoon. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary…

basmati jollof rice 16

Be careful not to add too much liquid into your Jollof rice, otherwise you’ll end up with Soggy Jollof rice.
When the rice is softened, add the sliced Onions,Tomatoes and Butter. Stir thoroughly. Switch the heat off and allow to simmer with the residual heat for a further 5 minutes..

basmati jollof rice 17

basmati jollof rice

And it’s ready…

basmati jollof rice 4


basmati jollof rice


I already have a recipe for Long Grain Party Jollof Rice on the blog, do click HERE for the recipe.

See, easy peasy! Do leave a feedback when you’ve had the chance to try out this easy Basmati Jollof Rice recipe. I love, love reading from you. See you in the next recipe.

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  1. Oh My God!!!!!!!
    It happened again!
    Your receipe has yet again made my cooking professional
    I am overwhelmed with joy since I found out this Blog
    Keep it up, SisiJee
    Your Ministry is growing😆

  2. U Rock!!! My hubby couldn’t get enough of the basmati party Jollof Rice. I’m so trying out all your recipes. Lol!!! Thanks plenty

  3. I’ve always used this recipe very recently… I just finished making another Yummy Sunday Jollof thanks to you. You’ve become on every of my favourite Food bloggers I find myself on your website week in week out. Keep up the good work xx

    • Not sure how I missed your comment and I’m so so sorry. I’m really glad you find my recipes useful, thanks for the kind words…xxx

  4. Thank you for the recipe, I tried it today for the first time and it was very good. My boyfriend enjoyed it.

  5. I was cooking Jill of rice for the second time because my first trail was rubbish after I tried it for the second time with you recipe it was lovely💃🏿💃🏿

  6. Thank you so much for this recipe! For the longest time I have wanted to make Jollof rice with the kind of flavour you experience when a professional makes it and this recipe did it for me!

  7. Thank you Sisi Jemimah, I gave up trying to make Jollof Rice a long time ago, not to talk about Basmati Jollof which is my preference, but this was soo helpful!!! I have made the jollof rice twice now.

  8. Hi sisi jemimah, quick question. What exactly does the butter do for the rice? I want to try out basmati jollof this weekend and stumbled on your page.

    • Hi Chichi, thanks for stopping by. Butter improves the texture and taste of Jollof rice, makes it more lush especially if you’re making smoky Jollof. Jollof has to burn for it to be smoky so the texture is affected. Butter replaces the lost texture. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks sisi Jemima, I tried your recipe for the basmati jollof rice and it was the bomb.. My husband didn’t know when he finished two portions.. Thanks to your guidelines I can finally be confident making jollof with basmati rice. I wish I could send or upload the picture cos I had to snap it…lol.

      • Yay! Amazing feedback, congratulations on conquering Basmati Jollof rice. You’re very very welcome. You can send a photo to jemimah or inbox me on Facebook. Thanks so much…

    • Hi, responded to your comment earlier but just realised I didn’t respond under your comment, I’m sorry. Yes, you can…

  9. Sisi Jemima, I’ve always been scared if making jollof rice cause it always turns out like poo.. My inlaws were coming and hubby wanted me to make jollof rice for them .. See thinking and fear, I then stumbled on your basmati jollof rice.. They haven’t stopped singing my praise since last night and have been asking me to show them the way.. God bless you loads .. I used tilda golden basmati and though it was a bit dry , once added butter it arranged itself .. Sisi Jemima for president ??????

    • Hi, so sorry for the late response. I thought I responded really as your comment about jollof rice turning out like poo part made me laugh too hard. I’m very glad the recipe worked out great for you. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback, it’s appreciated….

  10. I tried the Basmati jollof rice… family loved it. Thanks for the foil paper and butter tips…made a world of difference.
    God bless the day I found
    Thumbs up.

    • You’re very welcome Dupsy. I’m glad the recipe worked well for you. You’re very welcome and LOL @ God bless the day I found….?

  11. What a superb recipe dear, it seems so delicious as we were planning a trip today and we thought to cook something at home to bring with us to the trip to eat it later so I found your blog its

    really nice thanks !! 🙂

    • I’m so so sorry for the late response. I’m glad the recipe worked great for you, thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback.its appreciated….x

    • Thanks for the feedback and I’m so sorry for the late response. I’m glad it came out great. Tilda is a very good brand….X

  12. Hello Sisi Jemimah,
    Thanks for this wonderful receipe. I made it and as usual with your receives, it was a hit with everybody at home. . Definitely making it again. Thanks for the tip on how to remove sourness from tomato paste. …,, though I had some challenges with the quantity of water to cook the rice. Rice was burning and had to add some more water.
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipes.

    • Thanks for the feedback and you’re very welcome. Regarding the quantity of water, you can add as you go, just as long as it’s not too much. It’s a tad tricky to give a definite amount of liquid as heat settings and rice quality differ. Glad you made it work in the end. Thanks once again…X

  13. Thank you for the step by step guidance. I’m not a fan of basmati rice at all. However I used this recipe to make jollof rice and not only did it turn out perfect, it was delicious too.

    Thanks again

    • Yay! Great feedback, thanks do much for taking the time yo leave one and I’m glad the recipe rocked great for you, many thanks…x

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated. Can you please confirm if you’re the same person as MG and Anonymous from 23/06. I’m a tad confused as you’ve got the same avatar. Not sure if it’s a glitch from WordPress. Thanks

  14. The tilda basmati rice was great! The rice was delicious! My husband called it the Brexit rice! As I made it on the 23rd! I had a visitor last Saturday and made it again. It was delicious! Thank you for your recipe because I lost faith in basmati jollof! I remember my first basmati jollof it was an apology?.

    • Yay! Awesome feedback! I’m super glad it worked great for you. Tilda is definitely not a bad brand….you’re very welcome…X

  15. Just tried it and its so yummy. I had to change my pot towards the end as it was burning but not cooking the rice but that was my bad as I forgot to use my pot with the heavy bottom. The rice then came out perfect with some gentle steaming, which we all know is the trick to great rice. The two scotch bonnet peppers I used must be from the pits of hell cuz they are SO HOT!!! and I eat hot food looool. I agree that long grain rice is still the master of jollof. Thank you

    • Yay! I’m glad it worked out great for you. Thanks so much for the feedback. For real oh, Nothing beats long grain rice for Jollof, Basmati is good but it’s a tad too light and and dry and as such, doesn’t give off the moistness and lushness of Jollof rice. You’re very welcome….

  16. Setara golden basmati can and Gilda golden basmati can is far far better than tropical golden sun. I don’t eat easy cook rice, so I know better

    • Hi Stella, I’ve never tried Tilda though it’s been recommended by friends a number of times. I’m sure you’ll do great though. Will be waiting on your feedback,…X

  17. Nice one will try it have really learnt alot u have turned me into a great cook thanks always waiting for new food to try

      • It has been wonderful following your recipe, God bless your effort. Most of your recipe has helped me a lot to conquer the fears I used to have in making some dishes. I want to ask if this basmati rice recipe can be applied in making normal grain rice

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