Nigerian Chicken Stew With Roasted Peppers

Nigerian Chicken Stew is a Nigerian Style Stewed Chicken recipe. It is a very popular fried Tomato/Pepper base stew recipe.

I’ve always wanted to draw up a Nigerian Chicken Stew recipe but if you’ve noticed with my previous stews and soups recipes, I’m not big on chicken in the slightest but my mum insisted on Chicken stew earlier today, so I thought to make a recipe of it, two birds, one stone ei?*wink

Nigerian chicken stew


Nigerian chicken stew



8-10 big Chicken Pieces

3 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

1 Can Plum Tomatoes or 3 Medium size Tomatoes

2-3 scotch bonnet (Ata rodo)

2 Onions

1 Cup Vegetable oil

1-2 Cups Chicken Stock

Vegetable Oil for Frying Chicken ( Optional)

5 Cloves Garlic

1 Inch Ginger Root


Curry Powder

Dry Rosemary…

5 Curry Leaves (Optional)

4 Knorr Chicken cubes

I Tablespoon your preferred Seasoning

Salt to taste


Wash and season your Chicken. Add 2 Knorr Chicken cubes, 1 Tablespoon Curry and Thyme, 1 Teaspoon Rosemary, your preferred seasoning, one chopped onion and salt to taste.

Nigerian chicken stew 3

Do not add Water, allow the Chicken to stew in its own juices by placing on low to medium heat and allowing it to steam for 15 minutes.

Nigerian chicken stew 4

After 15 minutes, add Water to cover then boil till tender on medium heat…

Nigerian chicken stew

When the Chicken is fully cooked, fry or grill them, but if you prefer them just boiled, then skip this step….

Nigerian chicken stew 11

Let’s prepare the stew. I always start off by roasting my peppers. This helps to dry off the moisture so you won’t need to cook down your pepper first before frying and also adds a smokey flavour to my Chicken Stew. This step is optional. If you choose to do this, preheat your oven to 200 degrees, pop the peppers, Tomatoes, Scotch Bonnet, Onions and Garlic onto a roasting tray and roast for 30-40 minutes.

Nigerian chicken stew 6

When they’re roasted, blend the roasted vegetables alongside the ginger till smooth and set aside.

Nigerian chicken stew 7

If you chose to fry your Chicken, add the Oil used for frying into a large saucepan and place on medium heat, you need about a cup full. If you didn’t fry your Chicken, then just pour in fresh Vegetable oil.

When the Oil is heated up, pour in one chopped Onion and the Curry leaves if you’re using any, sauté till fragrant…

Nigerian chicken stew

Next, add the in the blended Pepper mix, 2 Knorr cubes, 1 Teaspoon Curry powder, Thyme and Salt to taste,  fry until the pepper mix loses its sourness and the oil starts to flow to the top a little.

Nigerian chicken stew 9

Now, add the Chicken Stock, you’ll need to add 1-2 cups to avoid using Water. Water will water down the taste of the Stew but if you haven’t got Stock, you can add Water but just a cup. Cook for 5 minutes…

Nigerian chicken stew 10

Now add the Chicken, stir and combine. Turn the heat down to low, allow to simmer for 30 minutes..

Nigerian chicken stew 12

And it’s ready. You may choose to decant some of the oil if you want.

Nigerian chicken stew 13

Nigerian chicken stew 2


Nigerian chicken stew

Nigerian chicken stew 14

And that’s it! Let’s know how you got on when you’ve had the chance to try this easy Nigerian Chicken stew recipe. See you soon!

25 thoughts on “Nigerian Chicken Stew With Roasted Peppers

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the recipe, they are wonderful. Quick question, as for the can of tomato plum what can size did you use, the Maggie cube – is it 2 set of the one with 2 small in a pack. Will using tomato sauce instead of the plum can ones create the same taste. Thanks

    • I don’t use Maggi Cubes. I use Knorr, recipe calls for 4 so that’s two double ones. No, you can’t use tomato sauce, different texture and taste altogether…hope this helps

  2. I tried this recipe out a while back – last year – and it was quite tasty! Roasting the peppers, onions and garlic really made the difference.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Roughly how many servings would you say this recipe / quantity should yield?
    2. If one wants to double the quantity of stew, is it just a matter of doubling each of the ingredients listed?
    3. Apart from palm oil, would you consider coconut oil as an alternative to vegetable oil for this reipe?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi sisi good evening. This is my first time on your blog and I must say am loving all your recipes can’t wait to try them. But just one bit of confusion I have and I hope u can clarify it. Please what do u mean by chicken stock. Or stock generally it seems u use that a lot. Thanks

  4. Omg…i tried this and its soooo delicious. You just got a fan. Amazing! Thank you for the good job. Im gonna try other recipes. God bless you.

    • Sorry for the late response. I’m glad the recipe worked great for you and you’re very welcome. God bless you more….X

  5. Hmmmm nt fear o….. Am gonna sleep in my kitchen tonit, d aroma is killing, have been licking d soup, bread to d rescue oo couldn’t mk rice cuz my intention was to mak ds nite den keep in d freezer. From today wil b roasting my peppers. Thks a lot,am super excited.d soup is……… Short of words. Muah

    • LOL! I’m glad the recipe worked great for you and thanks for taking the time to leave a feedback, it’s much appreciated….

    • Hi. Sorry for the late response, yeah, you can roast tomatoes as well. I used tinned plum tomatoes, hence the exclusion. Hope this helps….

  6. Wow! that looks divine!
    I have learnt a new method of roasting the peppers onions and garlic before blending… Will surely give that a go! Kudos!!

    • Hi Modupe, thanks for stopping by. Please let’s know how you get on when you’ve had the chance to try it out….thank you.

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