Nigerian Egg Stew – Stewed Egg Sauce

Nigerian Egg Stew is a popular Nigerian Stewed eggs recipe. Egg stew is very easy to make and is a staple in most Nigerian homes. It is particularly eaten at breakfast and is enjoyed with boiled Yam, Bread, Potatoes or Plantain.

This is one recipe I really should have posted way back as it’s pretty easy to whip up and an absolutely popular weekend breakfast menu at mine but I just always thought it was too easy to fuss about. Well, until I got a request for it by a lovely Instagram follower.

With this recipe, everything goes really. You may choose to add just about any protein type you choose. Fish and corned beef are popularly used, I just prefer my eggs plain and simple.



So, let’s cook!



3 Medium Eggs

1 Cooking spoon Vegetable/Olive Oil

1/2 Can Chopped Tomatoes or 3 Medium Cherry Tomatoes

1 Red Bell Pepper

1/2 or 1 Scotch Bonnet

1/2 Onion (Chopped)

2 Garlic Cloves (Minced)

1 Stalk Spring Onion(Chopped)

1/2 Teaspoon Curry and Thyme

1 Knorr Chicken Cube

Salt to Taste



Blend the Peppers and Tomatoes roughly and set aside. Also, whisk the eggs and set aside.

Pour the oil into a frying pan or wok. Place on medium heat. When it’s hot, add the minced Garlic, saute for a minute. Then pour in the chopped Onions, saute till fragrant…

Nigerian egg stew

Add the chopped Tomatoes and Peppers, Knorr cube, Thyme, Curry powder and Salt to taste. Fry for 6-8 minutes….

egg stew

Pour in the chopped Spring Onions, fry for a minute…

egg stew

Whisk the eggs together and pour into the sauce…

egg stew

Leave to set for 2 minutes, then scramble….

nigerian egg stew

Continue to scramble and mix for a further 2-3 minutes to avoid burning…

nigerian egg stew

Enjoy with Boiled Yam, Bread, Plantain or Potatoes!

Nigerian Egg Stew





So, let’s know you get on when you’ve had the chance to try this easy Nigerian Egg Stew recipe. See you soon!


10 thoughts on “Nigerian Egg Stew – Stewed Egg Sauce

  1. Tried this stew recipe tonight with some potatoes. It came out so good….Your recipes are always on point:) Keep up the good work….

  2. I tried this recipe for dinner today. I must say it was great!
    Simple, easy, quick, delicios. Am Gambian but I really like Nigerian dishes
    Thank u☺

    • Yay! Love the fact that you’re willing to try out Nigerian recipes. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad it worked out great for you. You’re very welcome…x

  3. I will try your method, it looks great. Ive tried several of your recipes and they all come out well. I haven’t been getting emails of your recipes, is there a problem?

    • Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll check the email notification settings to ensure there isn’t a problem…thanks.

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