Nigerian Pepper Soup- Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

Assorted Meat Pepper Soup is a popular Nigerian soup recipe. It is prepared with a wide variety of meats but typically cow or goat parts. Assorted Meat Pepper soup is popularly served at bars, restaurants and parties and quite frankly, no party is ever complete with it on the menu. I’ve got a recipe for Goat Meat and Plantain Pepper Soup on the blog, click HERE to view. I’ve also got a recipe for Fish and Yam Pepper soup, click HERE to view.

Assorted meat pepper soup

assorted meat pepper soup



600g Assorted Meats


2-4 Scotch Bonnet thinly chopped

2 Tablespoons Pepper Soup Spice

3 Cloves Garlic

1/2 Inch Ginger Root

1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper (Ata gun gun)

3 Tablespoons Dry or fresh Efinrin/ Basil/ leaves OR Utazi Leaves

1 Tablespoon Black Pepper

3 Knorr cubes

Salt to taste


Wash your meats thoroughly, then transfer into a pot. Remember to boil Offals like Kidney, Liver, Heart separately. Do not add any water. Add blended/Chopped Garlic, Onions and Ginger. Also add the Knorr cubes and salt to taste.

Assorted meat pepper soup

Place on medium heat and allow the meats sweat out their moisture and absorb the spices and onions. This should take 13-15 minutes…

Assorted meat pepper soup

Then add enough water to cook the meats and leave to cook till soft.

You’ll need to have at least 5 cups of meat stock by the time the meats are cooked.

assorted meat pepper soup

When the meats are soft, add the Chopped or blended Scotch Bonnet and Cayenne pepper…

If you used coarsely blended instead of properly blended or Chopped Onions, it’s advisable to sieve your stick using a mesh sieve as you’ll end up with particles in your Pepper soup. I don’t mind mine having particles so I didn’t bother.


Then add the Black Pepper, combine and cook for 2 minutes..

Assorted meat pepper soup

Add then the Pepper soup Spice. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary. You may need to add some more water if your pepper soup tastes too concentrated….


And the chopped Basil, Efinrin or Utazi leaves, then, switch the heat off and leave to simmer with the residual heat for 2-3 minutes…


Your Assorted Meat Pepper Soup is ready….

Assorted meat pepper soup

Serve with lots of cold water or beverage…. 😀

Assorted Meat pepper soup

assorted meat pepper soup


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and replicate this easy Assorted Meat Pepper Soup recipe. Will be waiting on your feedback. See you soon!

22 thoughts on “Nigerian Pepper Soup- Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

  1. Uhnnn, I’m a man and I did appreciate all this cooking method you are giving out freely to our women. No woman, I repeat no woman can snatch your husband. The best way to a man heart is his stomach. Keep up the good work. Kudos

  2. Please, what if I’m preparing for like a hundred guest, how do I know the quantity of water and ingredients to add to it plus if I want the face to be a bit oily, can I use our normal veg oil?. Thank you

    • Hi, sorry for the late response. I cant help with requirements for bulk cooking but yes you can use vegetable oil to add sheen.

  3. Ever since my wife discovered your blog, we have been spending more time in the oda room than anyother room. Sis jemimah I hope you can back babies o.

  4. Hello Sisi Jemimah,
    From the picture, I see that you cook all your meats together in the same pot. Do they all cook at the same time?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, I steam all my Meats (except bloody offals) together. If I’m cooking meats with different textures or cooking times then I remove the cooked ones as I go. This method guarantees very rich stock…

  5. It’s amazing the way you simplify your recipes yet still deliver outstanding results. That is what cooking should be. This was also on our New Year’s menu and it turned out super. Double thumbs up!

    • Thanks so much for you lovely feedbacks and more for taking the time to try the recipes in the first place. I’m glad they all worked out for you. Thanks 🙏🏿 nice again and Happy New Year to you and yours….xxx

  6. This feedback is overdue. I made this peppersoup for my inlaws and they could not get enough. I did not use beef or assorted meats but used chicken and smoked turkey and it could not get the leaves so I left it out but it was just too nice still. God bless you for this Sisi J.

    • Yay! Awesome feedback! Thanks for trying out the recipe and taking the time to leave a comment, it’s very much appreciated. God bless you more, you’re very welcome…

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