Nigerian Fried Rice- Basmati Fried Rice

Basmati Fried Rice is simply Nigerian Style Fried Rice made with Basmati instead of Long Grain Rice. Fried Rice is the second most popular rice dish in Nigeria; A must have at parties and a staple in most homes. It’s tagged “Nigerian Fried Rice” obviously cos there are several variations out there.

Basmat Fried rice

Some Basmati rice brands can be a pain to work with, so it’s advisable to go for tried and tested brands like Island Sun Sella Basmati, Asli Basmati, Lal Qilla, these brands are more processed variants but they cook really well and firm and more importantly, are not as smelly as regular Basmati.

I should apologise for the short pictorial recipe. I really didn’t plan to blog this recipe. It was meant to be just a Sunday lunch but thought to blog it after I’d already began cooking, so apologies.

Let’s cook…


4 Cups Basmati rice

2 Cooking Spoons Vegetable oil

4-5 Cups Chicken Stock

3 Cups Mixed Vegetables (Green peas, Runner beans, Green pepper, Sweetcorn, Carrot)

1 Big Onion, Chopped

1-2 cups Cooked Shrimp/Prawns

1 cup Liver, cooked and diced

1 Cup Chopped Spring Onions

4 Knorr Chicken Cubes

1Tablespoon Curry Powder

1 Tablespoon Dried Thyme

Salt to Taste



Place a pot on medium heat and add the vegetable oil. When the oil heats up, add the washed Basmati Rice and fry for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to stir every now and then to prevent burning…

After frying, add the Chicken Stock, add enough to cook the rice through. Do not add too much liquid, just enough to cover. If you haven’t got enough Stock, add water to it. Add the Chopped Onions, Curry Powder, Thyme, Knorr cubes and Salt.

If you added Chicken stock, be very careful when adding Salt and seasoning. Remember your Chicken Stock already contains Salt.

Then cover tightly and leave to cook.

Basmati rice needs enough trapped heat to cook. You may wish to cover your pot with foil paper before  placing the lid on.

basmati fried rice

When it’s tender but not fully cooked, add the Mixed Vegetables and diced Liver…

Stir and combine. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary…

basmati fried rice

Then add the chopped Spring Onions, stir and combine. Cover tightly, leave to cook till soft..

basmati fried rice

Then add the cooked shrimp/Prawns, cover and cook for 2 minutes…

basmati fried rice

Then switch the heat off and allow to steam with the residual heat for 3 minutes. Your Basmati Fried Rice is ready..

basmati fried rice


Basmat Fried rice



Why don’t you try this easy Basmati Fried rice recipe this Christmas. Will be waiting to read your feedback. Cheers!




28 thoughts on “Nigerian Fried Rice- Basmati Fried Rice

  1. Just tried this dish. . Used beef stock cube to top up my chicken stock but it still smells and looks amazing. Just waiting for the the final step (3 mins steaming) then will dive right in.. done in all of 1hr 30mins!

  2. Oh my goodness i tried this recipe and i still cant believe the outcome. My basmati rice is always a fail cos it gets so marshy!! But this was a total hit!! Everyone loved it…thank you for sharing your recipes

  3. Super super easy! This recipe nullifies the age old myth that Fried Rice is one scary giant. Made this for Christmas and today as well. Thumbs up!

  4. Loved it. This is on the cards for New Years, I pray mine comes out as nice as yours. Basmati rice has never been my thing but I might just give it a try this time or stick to my Long Grain if not confident enough.

  5. Hello Sisi I am an Aussie and married to a Nigerian man.I am not sure how I began to receive these wonderful posts however I am glad someone added me. I love fried rice so much but try not to make it because of my fear of messing it up. LOL! Well I made some with your recipe (excluding shrimp) and I am pleased with my first attempt, I even took a picture.
    This is a lovely site too, clean, easy flow of information and simple to understand, the comments and contributions are also a bonus. Thank you for sharing your vast culinary wealth with the world. I will be trying more Nigerian recipes, thanks to you.Blessings.

    • Hi Kerry. Sorry for the late response. Your feedback made me smile, thanks so much for taking the time to leave one, it’s most appreciated. Thanks for the encouraging words and I’m glad the recipe worked out great for you. Look forward to more feedbacks from you, hopefully in the near future. X

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