Oven Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

Oven Roasted Chicken is one of those classic Chicken recipes that everyone loves but not everyone has the confidence to cook. This recipe is however very easy and foolproof and after you’ve tried it successfully for the first time, it will become your go-to roasted Chicken recipe.

You do not have to use Chicken leg quarters for this recipe. You may wish to use Chicken drumsticks, Wings or Thighs instead.

oven roasted chicken


oven roasted chicken


2 Chicken Leg Quarters (Substitute for 4 drumsticks/Wings or 3 Thighs)

1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

1 Teaspoon Onion Powder

Teaspoon Smoked Paprika

1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1,5 Knorr Chicken Cube

Pinch of  Sea Salt


Wash and clean the Chicken Quarters thoroughly. Mix all the Spices together…

Then, rub some of the Spice mix all over the chicken, making sure it’s thoroughly coated. Lift the Skin of the chicken as much as you can and rub the marinade underneath.

You may want to make deep incisions on the Chicken so the marinade can penetrate deeply into the chicken, this is necessary especially if you’ll be marinating for a short while. 

Now, place the marinated chicken in your fridge and allow to marinate for at least 2 hours. I marinated mine for 24 hours. The longer, the better.

oven roasted chicken

Now, preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. This should be at least 5 minutes before roasting.

Then, after you’re done marinating, place the chicken quarters on a foil lined roasting pan or tray. Rub some more of the spice mix on the chicken.

oven roasted chicken

Then place in the preheated oven and roast on both sides for 40 minutes or until fully cooked and no longer pink in the middle.
Remember to turn the Chicken over at some time during the roasting process and rub some more of the mix on it if necessary…

oven roasted chicken

See how juicy and succulent my Oven Roasted chicken quarters are..

oven roasted chicken

Mine was served with Oven Roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables and Chicken Gravy. I didn’t need a lot of Gravy, the juice from the Chicken was enough for me.



oven roasted chicken

oven roasted chicken


This Oven Roasted Chicken recipe is just in time for Christmas, some enjoy sharing it with friends and family and be sure to leave us a feedback when you can. Merry Christmas everybody!!!


10 thoughts on “Oven Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

  1. Sis Jem, I tried it out yesterday and the taste was awesome . I took some to my in laws and they all had a bite, they were won over. ..I’m making it for them again next weekend as requested. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  2. I tried this recipe but without Paprika and Onion powder and it still came out well. Instead of onion powder, I simply laid some white onions on the chicken before putting it in the grill oven, I also used pepper powder instead of the Paprika and it tasted good. I will be trying other recipes. Thank you Sisi

    • Thanks for your lovely feedback, glad you loved the recipe. Look forward to more lovely feedbacks from you. You’re very welcome

  3. Yay! We are lift off!!!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I’m sure it’ll turn out great still. Feedback loading….Kilzeees 😘😘😘

  4. Hey sisi Jemimah…I’ve got my chicken marinating in the fridge to make for the bae tomorrow morning with over roasted chips 🙂
    I’m sure it will come out fabulous. But gbogbo awon senrenren yen ko ni mo ri o…lol
    Had to make do without paprika and the brand of sea salt I saw in the store was too expensive abeg 🙂
    I’m sure it will be okay sha.
    Thanks as always love. Kilzsees

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