Nigerian Suya Recipe – Beef Suya

Nigerian suya is a very popular Nigerian street food snack. It is simply skewered meats covered with a spicy peanut spice mix and roasted to perfection. Beef or Chicken can be used for Nigerian Suya. I already have a recipe for the chicken version, click HERE to view it.



Nigerian suya


500g Boneless Beef (Sirloin Steak preferably)

1/2 Cup Suya Spice

1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil

8-10 Skewers

1 Seasoning Cube


Soak your Skewers in water for at least 12 hours. This process ensures that your skewers do not burn during the grilling process.

Wash your meat thoroughly and slice against the grain into thin pieces. You’ll need your Beef slices to be as thin as possible for fast and even cooking. Then, cut into small strips..

Loop your beef slices onto the skewers…

Nigerian suya

Now, arrange the skewered meats in a deep dish or a tray. Then pour┬ásome Vegetable oil into a bowl, add the seasoning cube and mix thoroughly…

Nigerian suya

Then, with a brush, brush some oil on all the meats, ensuring they are well coated. The oil helps the Suya spice stick to the meat so be sure to be thorough…

Now, dust the oiled meats with the Suya spice, you’ll need to give each meat a good pat down with your fingers to ensure it sticks well, then set aside..

When all the meats have been covered with the spice, arrange them on an oven rack…

Nigerian suya

Now, place them in a preheated grill or oven, you’ll need your oven set to 200 degrees Celsius and grill on each side for 13-15 minutes each. you may wish to drizzle a bit of oil on the Suya sometime during the grilling process so it doesn’t come end up too dry.

And it’s done…

Nigerian suya

Nigerian suya

So, will you be replicating this easy Nigerian suya recipe? Then, do come back with a feedback if you do, it’s always nice to read from you. See you soon!

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Suya Recipe – Beef Suya

  1. Your recipe has turned me to a foodie first chin chin now suya I made d best finger licking suya hubby can’t get enough introducing it to my 9ja friends for summer barbecue thanks honey bun

  2. Hey!!so after my beef curry decided to make this….and boy was it good!!though the suya spice i used was extra peppery, it was a hit with those who have high pepper tolerance!
    I’m currently making another batch with less pepper….Thanks a lot!!!

    • Yay! Thanks for the feedback, glad it came out well. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a feedback, it’s appreciated…

  3. Omo, shee shuya!
    I just dey drool dey go.
    I have some sirloin stakes left over from your beef stir fry recipe. I will use them for this recipe.
    I could never get suya right and now i realize why….oil before the spice.
    Thank you

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