barbecued chicken

Easy Oven-Roasted Barbecued Chicken

Barbecued Chicken …Yess! Yes, I love my Chicken, funny how I hardly cook with Chicken, in fact, I don’t use Chicken for any Nigerian soups or stews, I’ll only eat them grilled or roasted or for intercontinental sauces. Anyway, this … Continue Reading—->

Spicy turkey veggie sauce

Sisi Jemimah’s Spicy Turkey Veggie Sauce

Turkey Veggie Sauce…. Yay! Before I go into details about this recipe, I would like to apologise  for the hiatus. I had to take some time off to prepare for the Online Tutorial classes and also needed time to manage … Continue Reading—->

Photos from Sisi Jemimah’s June Online Tutorial Classes

So, the 5th of June marked  the commencement of the Online Recipe Tutorial classes as announced last month, please see previous post for details. The class has been a success so far. It was overbooked as I never envisaged the … Continue Reading—->

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