Photos from Sisi Jemimah’s June Online Tutorial Classes

So, the 5th of June marked  the commencement of the Online Recipe Tutorial classes as announced last month, please see previous post for details.

The class has been a success so far. It was overbooked as I never envisaged the huge amount of registrants I had. Some late registrants had to be moved over to the July batch. The class was split into two for effective management. Though we’ve still got a couple of days to the end of the classes, I’ve had over 100 student feedback photos. It’s been an amazing journey, it’s been educative, informative and a barrel of laughs, with students from both Classes competing against each other.

So, I’ve decided to share photos of our journey so far. Photos will be updated as we go so stay tuned.

The second class will be resuming on the 3rd of July. Registration is on going and there are just a few slots remaining. If you would like to join, please send an email to or click HERE to send a direct message.

N8,500 to register from Nigeria  N10,000 from August!

£30 to register from the UK

$37.50 to register from the US

It’s 24 Video recipes for 2 weeks!

So here you go:


Party Jollof Rice photos from students:Sisi jemimah's cooking class

These are photos of Shrimp Curry, Beef in Vegetable Sauce, Chicken Curry and Spicy Goat Meat Curry made by students.

Here are photos of Efo Riro, Ayamase(Ofada), Bitterleaf stew, Ogbono…made by students: Sisi jemimah's online cooking class

Gizdodo and Fried rice…

Gizdodo photos:

I’ll keep updating the photos as  we go on, so, please stay tuned.


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