Fried Palm Oil Stew – My Momma’s Way

Palm Oil Stew?? I’m sure a lot of people are wondering if there’s anything different about this stew as I’ve got at least 6 different palm oil stew recipes on the blog already. Well, this is my mum’s recipe. My mum rarely eats meat so she tends to cook with dried fish and stock fish most times and yeah, she also prefers to cook with palm oil rather than vegetable oil.

Quite frankly, Nigerian stews are incredibly versatile, I mean I can make at least 5 different tasting stews using the same ingredients. The difference in outcomes boils down to methods; length of time the stew is left to cook and the points during the cooking when ingredients are added. So as much as my ingredient seen the same, trust me, each stew has got its own distinct taste.

palm oil stew

Anyway, let’s cook.


6 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

Assorted meats ( Boiled and Fried)

4-6 Boiled Eggs (Optional)

1.5 cups Palm oil

2 Big onions

2-4 Scotch bonnet (Ata rodo)

Stock fish

Dried Catfish fillets or Shawa fillets

1 Cup Dried Prawns

4 Tablespoons Crayfish Powder

4 Knorr Chicken Cubes

Salt to taste



Using a food processor, chop up your bell peppers and 1.5 Onions coarsely, set aside..

Boil your Stock fish and Catfish fillets in salted water till soft. Set aside..

Pour the palm oil into a pan, set on medium heat. When the oil heats up, add the 1/2 chopped onion, saute for 3 minutes…

palm oil stew

After 3 minutes, add half of the crayfish powder, saute for just 30 seconds….

Try not to leave the crayfish for too long to avoid it burning or it’ll give your stew a bitter taste…

Then add the pepper. Also add the Knorr cubes and salt to taste, leave to fry on medium heat for 20 minutes, remember to stir every now and then to avoid burning..

The stew should look like this after 20 minutes. In fact, the stew should be cooked enough to eat at this time but we’re not done yet…:)

Then add the Stock fish and Catfish fillet..

Also add a 1/2 a cup of the fish broth…

Now, turn the heat to low, then leave to fry for 40 minutes. the longer it fries, the drier it becomes and the tastier it gets. Trust me, the key to well fried stew is to let it fry for as long as possible. Try not to burn the stew though..

After 40 minutes, add the fried meats and boiled eggs, continue to fry for a further 10 minutes..

Your palm oil stew is ready..


palm oil stew


So, will you be replicating this easy Palm Oil Stew recipe? If you do, please remember to leave us a feedback. See you soon and Merry Christmas!!







13 thoughts on “Fried Palm Oil Stew – My Momma’s Way

  1. Just made this!!! It was awesome!! Thank you so much! I love your page! For years people have doubted my cooking ability and you have given me a new found confidence!

  2. Absolutely gonna try this!Question though assorted meats,what does your mom use im kinda clueless on what i should buy for meats as i have never attempted anything like this before thx in advance & i love your recipes so much inspiration & gives me confidence to try & make things out of the box from my culture,cant say enough good things about you SiSi very glad to have stumbled upon you😊

  3. I just tried this recipe, and OH MY GOD! I am never making my palm oil stew a different way. I usually say delicious for good food, bit this particular recipe was SWEETTT! Thank you Sisi Jemimah!! And thank mummy for us!

  4. Thankss for the awesome recipe. Quick question, you didnt mention the ata todo in the reciepe: i am assuming that gets blended with the tatashe right? Please confirm? Many thanks 😄

  5. Thank you for the recipe. I have a question; Is it ok to swap the palm oil with vegetable oil. I’m not a fan of palm oil but this recipe looks too good to be missed.

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