Nigerian Grilled Fish (Grilled Tilapia)

Grilled Tilapia is my go-to quick Fish recipe. This recipe is pretty quick and easy but promises to deliver a very lush and delicious taste. The ingredients can be tweaked to suit individual preferences as well. Let’s begin! Ingredients: 1 … Continue Reading—->

spicy frilled fish

Spicy Grilled Fish (Nigerian Style)

Spicy Grilled Fish was requested by a lovely Instagram follower last week. I’d always wanted to put up a recipe but never been so keen as I’m really not into fish, however this is my go-to Spicy Grilled Fish  recipe … Continue Reading—->

Coconut Fish Curry

Coconut Fish Curry is a yummy Fish Curry dish made with Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream as the base for the sauce; adding a rich, creamy texture and flavour. For Coconut Fish Curry, the best fish to use are firm fishes like … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian Fish Stew

Nigerian Fish Stew – Obe Eja Dindin

Nigerian Fish Stew is a very popular Nigerian stew made with fish. It is made with either raw, steamed or fried/grilled fish. Nigerian Fish stew is typically enjoyed with Boiled rice, Yam, Bread, Potatoes and Plantain. You can use any … Continue Reading—->

Ofe Nsala

Ofe Nsala – White Soup Recipe

Ofe Nsala – White Soup is a mouth watering delicacy peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, especially the people of Anambra state.  It is a very rich fresh fish soup, traditionally made with Catfish. Efik people have their own … Continue Reading—->

seafood okra

Stewed Seafood Okra Recipe

Stewed Seafood Okra recipe is basically a Nigerian Okra soup dish. It is a fusion of Okra, Seafood and spicy pepper sauce. I was feeling under the weather all through last week and for some reason, I was craving Seafood, think … Continue Reading—->

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