Nigerian assorted peppered meats

Nigerian Assorted Peppered Meats – Party Style

Nigerian  Assorted Peppered Meats is a Nigerian party style peppered meats recipe. A party is never complete without Nigerian assorted Peppered Meats on the menu. Assorted Peppered meats are basically grilled or fried meats infused into spicy pepper sauce. For … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian Fish Stew

Nigerian Fish Stew – Obe Eja Dindin

Nigerian Fish Stew is a very popular Nigerian stew made with fish. It is made with either raw, steamed or fried/grilled fish. Nigerian Fish stew is typically enjoyed with Boiled rice, Yam, Bread, Potatoes and Plantain. You can use any … Continue Reading—->

Ofada stew

Obe Ata Dindin – Ofada Stew

Ofada Stew is a popular Nigerian Stew peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria though now enjoyed by other tribes as well. Now, there are two kinds of Ofada Stew, one is made with Green Bell Peppers while the other … Continue Reading—->

Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri, is a very popular traditional vegetable soup from the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. “Ofe” means soup and “Owerri” is the capital of Imo state in South Eastern Nigeria, so as you can guess already, Ofe Owerri is … Continue Reading—->

Egusi Ijebu

Egusi Ijebu is an Egusi (Melon seed) soup from the Ijebu (Ogun state) people of Western Nigeria. Egusi Ijebu is prepared without the addition of vegetables unlike the popular Efo Elegusi and it is also without clumps, unlike Oshiki (Lumpy … Continue Reading—->

Ila alasepo

Ila Alasepo – Okra Soup

Ila Alasepo is simply a Nigerian Stewed Okra soup recipe. It is a very popular delicacy among the  Yoruba ethnic group of western Nigeria.  Ila Alasepo is very easy to prepare and very affordable as well. This Ila Alasepo recipe can be … Continue Reading—->


Nkwobi – Spicy Cow Foot Recipe

Nkwobi- Spicy Cow foot is a delicious Cow foot dish from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. I’ve always loved Nkwobi and have been wanting to do a recipe for some time now. Luck shone on me when my lovely friend, … Continue Reading—->

Ofe Akwu

Ofe Akwu – Igbo Style Banga Soup

Ofe Akwu is one of the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria’s most popular soups. It is the Igbo version of the all-too-popular Banga soup.  It is a very rich soup made with Palm nut extract/juice. Ofe Akwu is mostly served … Continue Reading—->

Obe Ata Dindin

Obe Ata Dindin – Lafenwa Stew

Obe Ata Dindin – Lafenwa Stew is a very popular fried stew recipe from the Egba people of Abeokuta, Western Nigeria. It is also referred to as  Itoko Stew. Well, I’m definitely not Egba so I’ll tell you how I … Continue Reading—->

Egusi Pepper soup

Egusi Pepper Soup

Egusi pepper soup is a popular Nigerian Pepper Soup dish. It’s particularly common among the people of Niger-Delta.  It is basically an Egusi (melon seeds) infused pepper soup dish. Egusi Pepper soup is mostly prepared with fresh fish though different … Continue Reading—->

Ofe Nsala

Ofe Nsala – White Soup Recipe

Ofe Nsala – White Soup is a mouth watering delicacy peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, especially the people of Anambra state.  It is a very rich fresh fish soup, traditionally made with Catfish. Efik people have their own … Continue Reading—->

Groundnut soup

Groundnut Soup – Omisagwe

Groundnut Soup is a yummy Nigerian soup made with groundnut (peanuts). Groundnut soup is a very popular delicacy in some Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria albeit prepared differently in both parts. Groundnut soup is particularly common amongst the Etsako people … Continue Reading—->

Banga soup

Banga Soup Recipe (Delta Version)

Banga Soup is a very popular Nigerian Palm nut soup, it’s a Delta/Urhobo favourite. The preparation method of Banga soup varies from tribe to tribe. The Igbo version is called Ofe Akwu which includes the addition of Ugu or Scent leaves … Continue Reading—->

Gbegiri soup

Gbegiri Soup Recipe

Gbegiri soup is a very popular Nigerian beans soup. It’s made with black eyed or brown beans. Gbegiri soup has got to be one of the easiest, no fuss soups to make, if you’ve never attempted it, you’ll be shocked … Continue Reading—->

Ewedu soup

Ewedu Soup Recipe

Ewedu soup will forever remain one of the most popular Nigerian soups, particularly amongst the Yoruba ethnic group. Ewedu leaves are also known as Jute or Molokhia leaves.  Ewedu is highly nutritious and has been proven to aid weight loss. … Continue Reading—->

seafood okra

Stewed Seafood Okra Recipe

Stewed Seafood Okra recipe is basically a Nigerian Okra soup dish. It is a fusion of Okra, Seafood and spicy pepper sauce. I was feeling under the weather all through last week and for some reason, I was craving Seafood, think … Continue Reading—->

Egusi soup

Egusi Soup – Efo Elegusi

Egusi Soup – Efo Elegusi  is an extremely popular Nigerian vegetable soup. The most popular vegetable options for Efo Elegusi are Ugu (Pumpkin leaves), Spinach and Bitterleaf. I prefer a mix of Ugu and Efinrin leaves. I choose to add … Continue Reading—->

garden egg stew

Garden Egg Stew Recipe

Garden Egg Stew is a yummy Nigerian stew made with fresh garden eggs. I first tasted this stew at my neighbours’ back then in Nigeria, I must have been in secondary school then. They had had with boiled yam and … Continue Reading—->

Edikang Ikong

Edikang Ikong Soup Recipe

Edikang Ikong soup has got to be my favourite Efik delicacy. I’d always wanted to share this recipe but I had a very hard time getting fresh water leaves. I had to settle for frozen in the end. I also couldn’t … Continue Reading—->

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