Assorted Meat pepper soup

Nigerian Pepper Soup- Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

Assorted Meat Pepper Soup is a popular Nigerian soup recipe. It is prepared with a wide variety of meats but typically cow or goat parts. Assorted Meat Pepper soup is popularly served at bars, restaurants and parties and quite frankly, … Continue Reading—->

Goat meat and plantain pepper soup

Goat Meat And Plantain Pepper Soup

Goat meat and Plantain Pepper Soup is simply Nigerian style Pepper Soup dish made with Goat meat and unripe Plantain. The best time for me to prepare Pepper Soup is usually during Summer as I tend to struggle with Hay … Continue Reading—->


Nkwobi – Spicy Cow Foot Recipe

Nkwobi- Spicy Cow foot is a delicious Cow foot dish from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. I’ve always loved Nkwobi and have been wanting to do a recipe for some time now. Luck shone on me when my lovely friend, … Continue Reading—->

Egusi Pepper soup

Egusi Pepper Soup

Egusi pepper soup is a popular Nigerian Pepper Soup dish. It’s particularly common among the people of Niger-Delta.  It is basically an Egusi (melon seeds) infused pepper soup dish. Egusi Pepper soup is mostly prepared with fresh fish though different … Continue Reading—->

Tilapia And Yam Pepper Soup….

Tilapia Fish pepper soup would have to be one of my favourite Nigerian Fish  Pepper Soup. It is so simple to cook and takes less than 20 minutes.  Tilapia and Yam Pepper soup is really just parboiled yam cooked in fish broth. The best fish to use is Catfish as it is naturally tasty however, Tilapia is easier to come by in these parts, so I find myself using Tilapia more often than not. The secret to  well cooked fish pepper soup is cooking from start to finish on low heat, this helps to preserve the taste and consistency of the fish throughout the cooking process.

Continue Reading—->Tilapia And Yam Pepper Soup….

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