Shrimp and bacon pasta

Shrimp And Bacon Pasta Recipe

Shrimp and Bacon Pasta is an incredibly delicious, rich and creamy pasta recipe. Shrimp and Bacon┬áPasta is very easy to prepare and to give it a spicy kick, I will be using Cajun spice seasoning. I must warn though, this … Continue Reading—->

Singaporean Style Rice Noodles

Singaporean Style Rice Noodles is one dish I absolutely love, love and love. One of the most popular dishes on any Chinese take-out menu is Singapore Noodles, or Singapore Mei Fun or sometimes spelt Singapore Mai Fun. My local┬áChinese takeaway … Continue Reading—->

Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe

Cajun Chicken Pasta is a very rich and delicious pasta recipe, you’re bound to be swooned at your first try. It’s very easy to make and it’s sumptuousness more than makes up for the calories. Yes, it’s calorie loaded cos of the incorporation of butter and double cream but it’s not a recipe you whip up every now and then, just on days when you feel like indulging; eating in moderation is key.

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